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The sprint method is used especially for innovation and development processes. The project helps to build efficient task forces with the participation of users, developers and decision makers working together in a strict and efficient manner. The goal is to get useful and approved results in a very short time. The method makes it possible that the developers and users are working shoulder on shoulder for a defined amount of days. In addition, during the common working days on a common place the participants are going to build a community, a more and more common understanding for the needs and the methods which are required from the target groups.[1]

CESBA-SPRINT-Workshop are regularly arranged in order to develop the CESBA initiative further and to integrate new and existing actors. The first SPRINT-Workshop took place at the 1st CESBA SPRINT Workshop Hochhäderich in Vorarlberg in October 2013. The 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop took place in Turin, Italy, in July 2014, and lasted only one day.


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