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Official name of institution and involved departments

Different departments of the Regione Piemonte are involved in EU-funded projects, e.g.:

  • Department for Strategic Programming, Spatial Policies and Housing, Unit for Porgramming and Implementation of Social Housing Interventions (Projects ViSiBLE, CABEE, AlpBC)
  • Direction of territorial strategic programming politically and spatial planning (Project ENERBUILD)

Type of organization

Regional authority

Location of organization

NUTS II: Piemonte

Country: Italy

Experiences in EU projects

Experience status

Experience status: Lead partner and project partner collaboration experience

Topics of interest and experience

  • Sustainable building and neighbourhoods
  • Low-carbon applications and technologies

Projects already involved in (sample)

Contact data

Regione Piemonte

Piazza Castello, 165

Torino, Italy

Phone: 011-4321111

Homepage of organization

Homepage of organization