Recommendations for the Alpine Space Programme 2014-2020 ViSIBLE

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This report on recommendations for the Alpine Space Programme 2014-2020 is an output of the ViSiBLE project.


The report aims at formulating recommendations on future joint activities for the Alpine Space Programme (ASP) 2014-2020 on the topics of Sustainable Buildings and Neighbourhoods, Low Carbon Applications and Technologies and Low Carbon Mobility.


Structure and approach of the report

In order to elaborate recommendations for the ASP 2014-2020, the ViSiBLE Project Partners carried out 5 workshops with relevant stakeholders during the first half of June in each PP country (i.e., 1 in Austria, 1 in France, 1 in Germany and 2 in Italy). Besides, the results of the workshop EU-Project: Results, Challenges and Opportunities held on 1 July 2014 in Turin with the context of the 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop were borne in mind. The report compiles the results of the workshops concerning past achievements, needs to be answered, proposed actions, recommendations for CESBA and the involvement of SMEs in EU projects, final list of recommendations and conclusions.

Workshop pics.png


The key stakeholders discussed the achievements of the ASP 2007-2013 in their regions. They have remarked outstanding accomplishments on the improvement of technical skills, the elaboration of criteria for sustainable buildings evaluation, promotion of circular economy, creation of policies, local cooperation and other valuable achievements. Nevertheless, it has been noticed that the achievements are meeting only partially the practical needs and there are some other identified needs that the work programme 2014-2020 has to fulfill in the next years. In order to meet these needs, the key stakeholders contributed with various proposals of actions and valuable recommendations. In the figure given below, you can see some of the most relevant recommendations that the participants in the 6 events formulated. Many of these are dealing with matters, which are well known in the alpine area and are crucial to be addressed.


Target group/users

Alpine Space Programme and other stakeholders dealing with Sustainable Buildings and Neighbourhoods, Low Carbon Applications and Technologies and Low Carbon Mobility.

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: ViSiBLE

Funding programme: Alpine Space Programme

Publication date

November 2014

Regions of implementation:

Alpine Space Area.





Name of contact person: Ramon Pascual

European Academy Bolzano/Bozen



ViSiBLE_MA5.4 Report on recommendations for the ASP2014+

Summary_MA5.4 Report on recommendations for the ASP 2014-2020