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During the stage of the target definition it is important to raise the awareness on a sustainable built environment among the actors involved. First, it has to be decided if a new house is built or if an existing building is refurbished. Here it is important to weigh the different aspects of sustainability. Indeed, a new building needs less energy and provides more comfort. But still, the procurement of materials and the construction process itself highly influence the energy balance. Sometimes, a refurbishment turns out to be more sustainable. Also, other basic questions have to be answered: How can we finance the project? Are there subventions or funding that we can use? What is the best location for a new building? How can an old building be refurbished sustainably? What is the general procedure? To answer all these questions, the different aspects of sustainability are the decision base.

The following movie shows, using the example of buildings in Vorarlberg, how the CESBA tool has been implementated:

CESBA Building Cycle

  1. Purpose and Target Definition
  2. Design Tendering and Architectural Competition
  3. Planning Process
  4. Procurement of Products and Services
  5. Implementation and Building Process
  6. Commissioning of a Building
  7. Monitoring and Usage of a Building


CESBA guide (2014)

EU Project Outputs on Purpose and Target Definition