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The CONSTRUCTION21 project has developed a comprehensive cross country translation material on the building industry, sustainability, energy performance, etc. More than 1000 words and expressions have been translated in 7 languages.

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The translated terms encompass topics like building family, climate types, cooling systems,ventilation systems, labels etc.

The material is freely available in the Babel - Vocabulary of Sustainable Construction community, especially for organizations willing to join as national chapters of CONSTRUCTION21, and having to translate the frames in their national language.[1]

Target group/users

Green building practicioners and experts.

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: CONSTRUCTION21

Funding programme: Intelligent Energy for Europe (IEE)

Publication date


Regions of implementation:

Spain, Germany, Romania, France, Lithuana, and Italy.


The terms are translated in English, Spanish, German, Romanian, French, Lithuanian, and Italian.


IFPEB (Institut Français pour la Performance du Bâtiment)

Bordeaux, France

Cédric Borel


Tel.: +33 6 42 80 02 32


Glossary of terminology (Excel file)


  1. Online commmunity Babel - vocabulary on sustainable construction: