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A well-made planning of a building or refurbishment project is a crucial factor for its sustainability in the subsequent life cycle stages. All actors involved in the planning process should meet regularly stage and exchange their views. By comparing different drafts, the sustainability of the project can be optimized. For example, costs can be reduced. Within refurbishment projects, the actors can collaboratively determine further measurements that increase the sustainability of the building. Furthermore, an appropriate certification method has to be chosen during the planning stage.

The following movie shows, using the example of buildings in Vorarlberg, how the CESBA tool has been implemented:

CESBA Building Cycle

  1. Purpose and Target Definition
  2. Design Tendering and Architectural Competition
  3. Planning Process
  4. Procurement of Products and Services
  5. Implementation and Building Process
  6. Commissioning of a Building
  7. Monitoring and Usage of a Building

EU Project Outputs on the Planning Process