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CESBA and EU project partners

CESBA is interested in cooperating with EU projects, in order to share the know-how on how to elaborating and further develop the initiative. Project partners from EU-projects:

  • promote CESBA among their stakeholders and get commitments of experts, observers, SMEs and authorities,
  • provide content for the CESBA wiki,
  • contribute to the working groups,
  • Attract other networks, initiatives, projects, etc. to use CESBA as a channel for dissemination.

Find project partners

The CESBA Wiki is a platform for finding project partners for future collaboration! Go to the Organization profiles portal for finding the project partner or subcontractor or contact institution you need.

Finished, running and upcoming projects

On project level the commitment will be different, and depend on the completion status. When interacting with finished projects, the process is as follows:

  • Identify persons involved in projects,
  • Send info about CESBA to the relevant actors (e.g: CEC5 20 projects, ViSiBLE ~ 21 projects, BDM - Battements Durables Mediterranean’s projects),
  • Offer these actors to make their results compatible with CESBA in Wiki,
  • Provide the material for upload by CESBA Wiki editors.

When interacting with running projects:

  • (Same 1-4 as above),
  • Offer them to be CESBA ambassadors,
  • Explore the possibility that the running project fully participates in CESBA, providing permanent editors and contributors to the CESBA Wiki.

When interacting with upcoming projects:

  • Inform all project partners from finished and running projects about the value of CESBA for their future projects,
  • Inquire with all PP who are involved in CESBA process whether they want to be part of a platform for partner search in future projects.

Support CESBA and find partners for EU projects

Subscribe to the Expression of support if you want to express your support to CESBA or insert your Organization profile on the CESBA Wiki to be found from other actors that share your visions on a sustainable built environment.


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