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This report is one of the three deliverables of the work package 3 of the FP 7 research project SuPerBuildings. This article discusses the potential of sustainable building assessment and benchmarking systems. Much effort has been put into developing these methods in order to promote sustainable building practices in Europe. It is expected that the use of these systems, as instruments of normative and economic steering, or on a voluntary basis, will be able to promote sustainable building and accelerate the adoption of sustainable building practices.


This document follows an ideal framework that allows for the optimal performance of the assessment systems. It is divided into the following categories: Areas of protection, Sustainability aspects of performance, Sustainability Benchmarks and Assessments. These four categories work together in an attempt to optimize the performance of the entire project. More importantly, this document focuses on implementing an effective steering mechanism, in which the terms and goals are listed in full detail below.

Steering Mechanisms

This report defines that an effective steering mechanism

a) has an impact on its focus area,

b) has support from the citizens and building owners,

c) is feasible because tools needed in assessment and verification are available and accessible for all who need those and because guidelines and instructions needed are clear.

The instruments of steering mentioned in this document

1) Control and regulatory instruments, Normative

2) Control and regulatory instruments, Informative

3) Economic and market-based instruments

4) Fiscal instruments and incentives

5) Support and information

6) Municipal steering, Steering actions in city planning and land use

Target group/users

Stakeholders and decision makers

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: SuPerBuildings

Funding programme: Seventh Framework Program

Publication date

April 11th 2011

Regions of implementation:

Valid throughout most of Europe




Opportunities to integrate sustainable building benchmarking methods with steering mechanisms and potential effect of sustainable building benchmarking methods on promoting sustainable building (2011)