Opportunities and challenges for sustainable renovation of public buildings and social housing in Veneto Region - CESBA Regional Conference

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Public Conference details

Title: “Opportunities and challenges for sustainable renovation of public buildings and social housing in Veneto Region - Public conference”

Date: 10.12.2014

Duration: 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Location: “Lybra” Meeting Room - VEGA Lybra Building –Foreground - Via delle Industrie 17/A - Marghera (VE)

Target audience: National, regional and local public administrations (PA), SMEs clusters, associations, institutions, professionals, and other stakeholders of the sustainable building sector.

Number of participants: 45

Topics of the conference

  • CESBA policy paper - Harmonization of sustainable buildings assessment in Europe
  • Results of the implementation of the Veneto regional law n° 4/2007 for sustainable buildings
  • Needs of PA about life cycle of buildings
  • Services and support structure for sustainable building in the Veneto Region
  • Proposal for reference criteria for sustainable building in the Veneto Region
  • Vorarlberg best practices
  • Development of national GPP standards for buildings
  • The Regional Energy plan and local SEAPs
  • Presentation of EU and regional funds for the renovation of public and social housing building stock in Veneto (2014-2020)
  • Good practices of renovation of public and social housing buildings

CESBA regional conference

In the context of the recent developments of the EU and Veneto Regional strategic and programming frameworks for energy and sustainable buildings, the Sections of Urbanistic, Energy and Public works of the Veneto Region presented the CESBA initiative policy paper to representatives of the Italian Ministry of Environment (currently developing GPP minimum criteria for building), local administrations (provincial governments and municipalities in Veneto), social housing agencies, SMEs clusters, producer of construction materials, professionals as well as universities and research centres.

The conference included two parallel workshops session:

  • PA Workshop: Public Administrations discussed about a minimum set of criteria to finance Renovation of Public Building Stock through EU ERDF 2014-2020 of Veneto as well as own regional funds. Base for the discussion was the experience from the use of current system (ITACA) and the CESBA KPI / regionally contextualized reference criteria;
  • SMEs Workshop: SMEs, producers of construction materials, national and regional associations of builders discussed with the National Ministry of Environment and Veneto Region about critical issues in the use of sustainable materials and provide guidance criteria to develop technical specifications on the use of sustainable materials in the ecological renovation of public buildings with a focus on the indicator “indoor air quality”. Inputs for this discussion were the national GPP criteria for buildings currently under development, the regional initiative ECOMAKE and the good practices Baubook;

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