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NENA was a EU-funded project that can be regarded as a predecessor of the CESBA Association.

The project

The NENA project lasted from 2005-2009 and intended to build an Alpine-wide network of SMEs. The exchange of know-how, the initiation of co-operations, the offer of training as well as image enhancing measures for SMEs should be the tasks of this network. Thus, the partners of the NENA project wanted contribute to a better use of existing co-operation potentials by mobilising synergies within and between the different economic sectors.

The project NENA ("Network ENterprice Alps] was funded by the Alpine Space Programme and was conducted from 2005 to 2009. During this project, organisations were found whose experts integrated their knowledge on energy efficient and ecological building in the project. They decided to form a permament structure and to provide their know-how to others by a common platform.

NENA Network Enterprise Alps

Origins of NENA Network

NENA was an Alpine wide network of SMEs in the building sector which was created during the EU-funded NENA project. The network was working cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary. It offered know-how about building physics, education, crafts, architecture and spatial planning. Further, experts for public tendering and surveyors contributed to the network. Until the end of 2014, the NENA network served as the CESBA secretariat. The foundation of the CESBA Association replaced the NENA network.

Further information

More information on the project: Homepage on NENA project


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