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Welcome to CESBA

The Collective Initiative for a New Culture of Built Environment in Europe.

Latest news on CESBA

CESBA Alps have started

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The CESBA Alps project will be part of the transnational CESBA initiative, ensuring the durability and transferability of results across Alpine space regions.

Currently available sustainability assessment tools cover buildings and small urban areas, with no support for the territorial scale, typical in the rural, low density Alpine regions. The project aims to facilitate the development, exchange, and implementation of innovative policies and plans at territorial level based on common assessment tools.

By developing a transnational assessment framework and a strategy for sustainable and low carbon territories, the project will improve the sustainability of the Alpine built environment. Through objective criteria and indicators, the tools will support in the sustainability assessment of a territory, the definition of objective performance targets, the decision making in planning processes at territorial level and the implementation and monitoring of effective low carbon policies, therefore fostering innovative practices at the territorial level among all stakeholders.

Main outputs include: a generic transnational assessment framework for assessment at territorial scale, a set of harmonized, regionally contextualized assessment tools for territories, a guideline for the implementation of assessment tools in policies and territorial plans, a toolbox for the adoption of strategies for sustainable and low carbon territories, the creation of Local CESBA Committees.

Financial Support for CESBA: € 127.551,00, ERDF Co-Financing rate: 85%

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About the CESBA Wiki

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The CESBA Wiki is the central platform to promote and harmonize the sustainability of the built environment in Europe. It is a storage place for EU projects an offers tools and services. It serves as a platform for networking with other organizations and actors.

What you can find on the CESBA Wiki:

The CESBA movement
Indicators and harmonization process
EU projects and their outputs
Organizations for project collaboration
Options to contribute

Cooperation with other platforms

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WIKIAlps Transnational Wiki on territorial development in the Alps
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CONSTRUCTION21 European platform for green building practitioners

Be a part of CESBA


If you are interested or involved in the assessment of the sustainability of our built environment, the CESBA Wiki is the perfect platform for you! There are various options to be a part of CESBA:

Everybody is welcome to be a part of CESBA!!!


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The term CESBA stands for Common European Sustainable Built Environment Assessment. CESBA is a collective bottom-up movement towards a harmonization of the sustainable assessment of the built environment in Europe. The inducement of CESBA in 2011 was the perception of actors from different EU-project that the variety and high number of assessment tools require for a harmonization. In April 2015, the CESBA Association was founded.

The Vision of CESBA is: A Europe where a high quality living in a sustainable built environment is the common standard practice.

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EU projects

Top EU project: CONSTRUCTION21
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“A multi-lingual European platform dedicated to green building practitioners.”

The Intelligent Energy for Europe project CONSTRUCTION21 is an example for how a EU project can access the stage of self-sufficiency. The project built up an online platform dedicated to green building. The platform is transnational (seven languages) and includes the latest information on green building, case studies, trainings, etc. CONSTRUCTION21 has begun to expand

into other countries. CESBA and CONSTRUCTION21 aim at collaborate and create synergies.


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Outputs from EU-projects


Top EU project output: Workshop report on EU projects: Results, challenges and opportunities

Validate EU project results, share experiences and develop new project ideas

Representants of 17 different EU-funded projects met to discuss their experiences with EU projects, futur challenges and opportunities, and for developing new project ideas. The active participation showed the great interest on the topic.

Exemplary results of the workshop were:

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The CESBA Wiki is a joint output of the projects of CEC5, CABEE, and ViSiBLE

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