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This article deals with an output of the MORECO project.


MORECO stands for „MObility and REsidential COsts. The project has developed calculators that facilitate the evaluation of housing and mobility costs and other tools for households. The tools encompass online calculators for housing and mobility costs for different regions, story lines, mobile apps, checklists for private housing, a WebGIS for the region of Salzburg etc. Thus, the tools are for those people who have an interest in their housing and mobility costs. The tools are easy to under-stand and increase the awareness for the discrepancy between dwelling and mobility costs. In contrast to costs for dwelling, mobility costs are often not incorporated enough in personal decisions.


Target group/users

All people who are interested in their dwelling and mobility costs.

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: MORECO

Funding programme: Alpine Space Programme

Publication date

Different publication dates

Regions of implementation:

There are specific calculators for the regions of Salzburg (AT), Belluno (IT), and for Slowenia. There are storylines for Munich (GER) and Salzburg (AT).


English, or, if regional tool, local language


Salzburg Institute for Regional Planning and Housing

Salzburg, Austria

Daniela Bischof


Tel.: +43 662 623455-32

Download of exemplary outputs

Framework on MORECO Tools for households

MORECO Online Calculators