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The LifeCycle Tower ONE (LCT ONE), located in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria, is the CEC5 demonstration building from the project partner Regional Development Vorarlberg. It is a world wide innovation: with a height of 27 meters, a volume of 7500m³ and eight floors, the office building is the first hybrid wood passive house building with a modular construction system. The LTC ONE was opened in November 2012. Inside the LCT ONE, there are offices, seminar rooms, as well as a public exhibition about sustainable building. As a "life-cycle building", nearly all material used fot the LCT ONE can be recycled. The high-rise building has a low consumption of building area.

General information

Official title of the investment

Establishment of one floor module of the LifeCycle Tower One


Regionalentwicklung Vorarlberg eGen


LifeCycle Tower One

Färbergasse 17b, 6850 Dornbirn

Vorarlberg / AUSTRIA

Duration of investment implementation

  • Building Permit 26.04.2011
  • October 2011 - March 2012: The reinforced concrete core was manufactured at the construction area in Dornbirn.
  • March 2012: Within two weeks (8 working days), the specific timber-hybrid-modules of the demonstration project were installed to a completed shell
  • November 2012: first floors of the building were officially opened
  • November 2012 – June 2013: Interior works of floor module 3 took place.
  • Opening of floor module 3: 20.06.2013

Summary of investment

Contents and objectives

In the "LifeCycle Tower One Demonstration Building", where the Regionalentwicklung Vorarlberg eGen owns the third floor, the objective was set to implement the know-how gained from forerunner project studies in form of a demonstration project with eight floors in timber hybrid construction. This was also planned to provide the opportunity for the functionality of the building concept to be tested under real conditions and to set an international milestone for the development of resource-efficient, sustainable building.


For the first time in Austria, it was possible to construct a building up to the official high-rise building limit using wood as the basic construction material. The building system was tested in reality for its usability and brought to wider public attention. The demonstration building shows the great potential of timber as construction material, including for large buildings. Just as much interest has been received from international industry specialists as from the general public.

Prospects, suggestions for further research

The demonstration building will serve as a reference project for marketing the building system internationally. All components have been designed in a way they can be internationalised and modified in order to meet the requirements and regulations in different countries. Various new-build projects are being planned and built by the builder CREE GmbH based on the principles of the timber construction system used for the demonstration building. The concept offers huge opportunities for changing our lifestyles: as an example for "green building", the LifeCycle Tower system can make a significant contribution to the environmental and resource-friendly reformation of our living spaces. As a result, the concept can bring about a clear improvement of our quality of life, in particular in urban areas. Individually configurable, a LifeCycle Tower can be fine-tuned to suit the precise needs of its occupants and the circumstances of its location.

Impact, results and experience

By building the prototype LCT ONE, it was proven that the concept of primary building with timber up until the high-rise building limit is feasible today. Simultaneously, other benefits of the system for large-volume timber construction could be demonstrated: The resource and energy efficiency is high; further advantages that could be proven by the implementation of the building are an industrialized building processing and batch fabrication. Based on the prototype (LCT One), they can be presented to the general public.

The „proof of concept” with the LifeCycle Tower One is an important milestone for the further development of the constructing company „Cree GmbH”. The actual level of development approves the technical feasibility of a high-rise building with the developed construction method. Of course, the approvability of further projects depends from respective local conditions and local regulations. Still, the demonstration project LifeCycle Tower is an essential basis for future constructions that use the LCT system. For achieving approvability for even higher buildings, a sequential increase of the maximal legitimate design height is strived. The gained experiences, e.g. approvals, fire protection concepts, assessments and tests will accumulate with an on-going number of projects. For administrative bodies, they can serve as a basis for discussion for approvability for following classes of buildings.

In the construction schedule, the modular construction system more than fulfilled the expectations concerning functionality and timing. The present stage of usage has yielded new important results already:

  • The long-term deformation of timber is no problem
  • The prototype already has a noise level that is distinctly lower than the legal requirements and further optimization is possible,
  • The room air quality in the completed building is extremely good.
  • For the interior structure, there is further potential for optimization, for example by a more intense modularization of the building technology.

Transnational added value

The one floor module 3 which is co-financed by the CEC5 project/CE is open to the public. There is an exhibition showing the project, the CESBA building assessment methodology as well as other demonstration buildings being constructed within the CEC5 project by other PPs focusing on the transnational dimension of cooperation in the field of energy efficient construction. The is open to the general public as well as various interested stakeholders e.g. architects, designers, potential investors. On the ground floor and the first two floors exhibitions in the LifeCycle Hub are presenting energy efficient building construction approaches and technologies applied during the construction of the LifeCycle Tower One. This is financed outside the CEC5 project.

There has been a significant replication effect already achieved as based on the successfully implemented pilot demonstration building already a new building for Illwerke Zentrum Montafon (IZM) at Vandans, Vorarlberg was finalized recently.

How sustainability is ensured

Sustainability is ensured by the quality of the building, the products, the location, the owners and the exhibition area (LifeCycle Hub) and their partners to show the latest state of technologies of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Regionalentwicklung Vorarlberg eGen uses the floor module 3 as an exhibition space, seminar area and office working space and will be in charge of the maintenance and further promotion of the demonstration building.

Reference and Download

Download of Austrian demonstration building investment summary