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The European Directive 2010/31/EU requests that member States should ensure by December 2020 that all new buildings are nZEBs. As this deadline is anticipated to December 2018 in the case of new buildings owned or occupied by public authorities, public authorities are in charge of promoting and setting up strategies to pursue the nearly ZEB target. The Integrated Energy Design in municipal practice handbook aims at realizing such new constructions or refurbishments of nZEBs. A strategy is presented that shows how to integrate the energy performance requirements in public design tenders as a mandatory requisite to win the competition. The Integrated Energy Design in municipal practice handbook gives an overview on different public contracts that regulate the process and the relations between public and private sector at European level. The handbook also gives a common nZEB definition and explains chances and barriers found during collaboration with the municipalities involved in AIDA project.

Target group/users

Public Administration and Building professionals

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: AIDA

Funding programme: Intelligent Energy for Europe

Publication date


Regions of implementation:

Austria, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom


English, Spanish and Italian


Organizations: EURAC and TU Wien Name of contact person: Mr. Raphael Bointner

Adress: Gusshausstrasse 25-29/370-3, A-1040 Vienna (Austria)


Phone number: +43(0)-1-58801-370372


Integrated energy design in municipal practice. Interim Version (EN)

Integrales Energiedesign auf Gemeindeebene. (DE)

El Diseño Energético Integrado en la práctica municipal. Versión provisional (ES)