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The ITZ (InnvoationsTransfer Zentralschweiz = transfer of innovations within central Switzerland) is a research center whose main goal is to support the competiveness of Swiss SMEs. Therefore, it forms a hub between science and economy. The ITZ gets its commission from the Hochschule Luzern. Its main tasks are to organize transfers of technologies and know-how between science and economy as well as to render supporting services for the regional economy.[1]

Official name of institution and involved department

InnovationsTransfer Zentralschweiz

Type of organization

Regional Development Agency

Location of organization

NUTS II: Zentralschweiz

Country: Switzerland

Experiences in EU projects

Experience status

Project partner collaboration experience

Topics of interest and experience

  • Sustainable building and neighbourhoods
  • Low-carbon mobility
  • Environment and nature protection

Projects already involved in

Contact data

Willy Küchler

ITZ InnovationsTransfer Zentralschweiz

Ebenaustrasse 20

CH-6048 Horw

Phone: +41 41 349 50 60

Fax: +41 41 349 50 61


Homepage of organization

Homepage of ITZ


  1. Website of the ITZ: