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Even if all sustainability aspects have been complied ideally within the first four stages of the building life cycle, at the construction site suddenly unexpected problems can occur.

Those problems often could not be foreseen during the planning stage. Many different craftsmen who do not know each other and speak different languages work side by side. Time pressure is high and short-run trouble can destroy any sustainable planning. The construction site itself also has bad effects on the environment and the quality of life: it damages soil, ground water and the air quality and waste has to be disposed. Noise and dirt lead to great discomfort for people that work, live or use the area around the construction site.

Comparison of sustainable and conventional construction sites

At a sustainable construction site, the goal is to meet all those problems. By using pre-fabricated components, the construction period can be used which leads to costs reductions. Sustainable building materials neither have bad effects on people working at the construction site nor on the environment. The waste produced has to be minimized as much as possible. By conducting measurements and controls during the building process, both the use of wrong contaminants and incorrect assembly can be recognized in an early stage and returned. The most important aspect for a successful implementation stage is to provide the construction site staff with comprising information about the goals of sustainability and their main influence factors. As soon as a building is in operation, annulling any construction defects is either impossible or highly expensive.

The following movie shows, using the example of buildings in Vorarlberg, how the CESBA tool has been implemented:

CESBA Building Cycle

  1. Purpose and Target Definition
  2. Design Tendering and Architectural Competition
  3. Planning Process
  4. Procurement of Products and Services
  5. Implementation and Building Process
  6. Commissioning of a Building
  7. Monitoring and Usage of a Building

EU Project Outputs on Implementation and Building Process


CESBA guide (2014)