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This page explains how to insert images (photos, graphs, pictures, logos...) into the CESBA Wiki and how to depict them optimally.

Uploading images

  1. Open your explorer and click on the file you want to insert in the CESBA Wiki. If you use an image of a different website, you need to save it on your computer first.
  2. Hold the left buttom of the mouse and draw the file to the grey box Drop files here on the CESBA Wiki editing page.
  3. Release the mouse button and click on Click here to upload this file.

Inserting images

  1. Click oninsert picture
  2. The picture will be inserted in the CESBA Wiki test where your mouse curser has been before. You can cut the picture that is expressed by and place it where you want to have it.

Depicting images optimally

The CESBA Wiki uses a standard manner of representing images:


Means that:

  • The image is depicted with a 'size of 300px. (you can make the size smaller or larger by changing the number).
  • The image is depicted on the right side of the article page. (you can also put the image on the left side of the page or in the center).