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IRH-Med was aimed at defining and implementing a Housing Sustainability Assessment (HSA) model suitable for the Mediterranean space. The IRH-med guidelines are the final output of the project. The HSA is described and put in the framework of CESBA. Governance issues and opportunities for implementing HSA are discussed. There is also a practical guide for applying the HSA scheme. The output is not restricted to IRHMed only but also establishes a relationship to similar projects which contribute to CESBA.

IRHMed System Implementation.jpg

Target group/users

Public decision makers, assessment system designers, assessors, planners.

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: IRH Med

Funding programme: MED programme

Publication date

Regions of implementation:

Applicable from the Mediterranean space throughout all Europe.




Marta Rojas Gregorio

Agència de Suport a l'Empresa Catalana


Tel.: +34 935511955

Download and source

Memorandum - short version

Memoria - long version