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Together with VKW Ökostrom GmbH, the Ökostrombörse (Green Electricity Stock Exchange) contributes to the combined product Green Electricity-Plus. It is therefore an output of the ENERBUILD project.

History and general information

The Ökostrombörse (Green Electricity Stock Exchange) was developed as a concept in 2002 by the consortium of renewable energy (ARGE Erneuerbare Energie Vorarlberg). Details on the concept: see Wikipedia - Öko Strombörse. The concept involves private, voluntary funding for the expansion of green electricity power plants. Environmentally-conscious consumers promote the development of small-scale green electricity production, by means of a voluntary extra payment of € 0,01 per kWh. Here, the electricity customers can choose which project or which plant should receive their voluntary extra-payment (which again, is dependent on their electricity–consumption.) The plants and projects that compete for funding can be found on an Internet platform.

Everybody can take part in the development of green electricity power plants

The concept will give „regular“ power consumers the chance to actively participate in the development of green electricity power plants. In this way, citizens can demonstrate their solidarity for an ecological future. In many cases, individuals and SMEs use their participation in Öko Strombörse for positioning themselves in their marketing environment. Within the ENERBUILD project it was the concern of the Regional Development Vorarlberg to take up this approach of using the will of solidarity for a better future as a benchmark/ label/ brand and, in this way, to be able to reach a new level of dealing with the relatively delicate topic of Green electricity.

Cooperation with power trading, consumers and municipalities

With the help of the ENERBUILD project the Regional Development Vorarlberg has succeeded in initiating a process of further development: This involves leading cooperation-talks and the developments with power trading and with the electricity consumers. In this context, the municipalities are important conversation-partners.

With this new product the Öko Strombörse can offer the municipalities the chance to direct their voluntary extra-payment on green electricity to the power-plants of their own municipality and so save this investment for projects in their own municipality, which is definitely to the delight of the energy teams. ENERBUILD has helped to develop the respective offers and to communicate them on various occasions. A crucial part of the performance within the project ENERBUILD was the development of an administrative and accounting-system, which has become relatively complex due to its stock market functionality. The respective IT- tools could be developed during the project and so the product innovations could be implemented. So ENERBUILD laid the foundations for the dissemination of the model. Currently, other Austrian provinces are interested in the adoption of the model.

For this reason, an Austrian-wide platform was set up:

Cooperation with VKW Ökostrom

The cooperation contract is an agreement between the local power trader and the NGO „Öko Strombörse Vorarlberg” for a joint funding product called „Ökostrom PLUS. As this concept can theoretically be transferred to other regions, the Regional Development published this cooperation treaty as a good practice example.

It is unlikely that such a treaty can be adopted exactly as is it is, but it must rather be tailored to regional needs. Nevertheless, such an example can stimulate collaboration to content. The wording of the contract is in German and has not been translated. The contract defines the objectives of cooperation and the key messages that are to be conveyed by the common product. It also specifies the respective product and the mutual contract works relating the marketing of the product. If interest in the introduction of such a product exists, the „ARGE Erneuerbare Energie Vorarlberg” is always at disposition for further information. To the Cooperation Contract


AEEV – ARGE Erneuerbare Energie Vorarlberg

Hof 19,

A-6861 Alberschwende

VKW-Ökostrom GmbH (VKW-ÖKO)

Weidachstraße 6

6900 Bregenz

Verein Ökostrombörse Vorarlberg (ÖSB-V)

Hof 19

6861 Alberschwende


Green Electricity? - Yes, please! 100% local Green Electricity in combination with private funding for the development of power plants on buildings using the example of Vorarlberg (2011)