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The following cooperation contract as output of the ENERBUILD project is an agreement between the local power trader VKW Ökostrom GmbH and the NGO „Öko Strombörse Vorarlberg” for a joint funding product called „Ökostrom PLUS”. As this concept can theoretically be transferred to other regions, the Regional Development published this cooperation treaty as a good practice example.

Cooperation partners

Aim of the teamwork

VKW-ÖKO and ÖSB-V want to make an effective contribution to future energy autonomy of Vorarlberg by making the use of locally produced green electricity attractive. So they offer different green electricity products to electricity customers and private and municipal green electricity producers in Vorarlberg. These products complement each other.

VKW-ÖKO und ÖSB-V want to promote the funding and marketing of green electricity by means of good teamwork and good market communication and sales of Green Electricity products. The principles of cooperation and contract works of the two parties are set out below.

Uniform core messages in market communication

For successful market development the VKW-ÖKO and ÖSB-V take care that both partners and their products are supported by their marketing communication (PR, advertising, sales). The two partners, their products and also their messages and general statements about green electricity, should be easy to understand and not contradict each other.

The key messages of the two partners and their products are:

  • VKW Ökostrom GmbH: VKW-Ökostrom GmbH is a regional electricity trader which buys and sells green electricity exclusively, and thereby promotes the regional green electricity production. The products of VKW-ÖKO include the supply of 100% green electricity („Ökostrom-Lieferprodukte“), which consists of direct supplies from green electricity producers and of the compulsory share of VKW-ÖKO of green electricity funded by law. The surcharges of „Vorarlberger Ökostrom” in comparison to electricity by VKW is used for paying higher feeding-tariffs for green electricity for private and municipal producers and investment funding for the construction of green power-plants by private and municipal producers in Vorarlberg.
  • ÖSB-V Ökostrombörse Vorarlberg (Green Electricity Stock Exchange) The Association ÖSB-V is an initiative to accelerate development of green electricity production in Vorarlberg. This green electricity funding system is based on austerity and non-profit principles and enables investment funding for new construction and renovation of private and municipal green electricity power plants in Vorarlberg, but it also offers funding for local green electricity plants, at which green electricity customers have a say on which green electricity plant should be funded.
  • Trust through external audits To strengthen the confidence of green electricity customers VKW-ÖKO charged an auditor to certify the origin of green electricity and its use. VKW-ÖKO also integrates an advisory board composed of recognized personalities from environmental organizations.

Joint bundle product „Vorarlberger ÖkostromPLUS

The partners offer the joint product bundle „Vorarlberg Ökostrom PLUS” in Vorarlberg. It consists of :

  1. Vorarlberger Ökostrom“(Product of VKW-Ökostrom GmbH), i.e.100% green electricity supply (direct delivery of energy with proof of origin by producers and compulsory purchase of green power, subsidized by law).The price-difference(compared to VKW- electricity) is used for:
  2. Provision of green electricity with higher feed-in-tariffs for green electricity for local private producers in Vorarlberg
  3. Investment funding of green energy for private and municipal producers in Vorarlberg,
  4. ÖKOPLUS Fördervertrag“ (Funding contract of Ökostrombörse Vorarlberg)

Funding for local green electricity power-plants, at which green electricity customers have a say which green electricity power-plant is funded (as direct support for a particular plant or group of plants or as investment funding of new constructions and renovations of private or public green electricity power-plants in Vorarlberg

Flat rate- surcharge in cents per kWh

In their advertisements and in sales, the partners clearly point out that the green electricity is delivered by VKW-ÖKO and that the green electricity funding contract was concluded with ÖSB-V. Whenever the bundle-product is presented with logos, the logos of both partners are shown (except in the tariff-calculator of E-Control, where the only electricity supplier is shown in the foreground).

Services of ÖSB-V

The ÖSVB provides the following services to VKW-ÖKO:

Dissemination and Marketing

  • In the advertising of its products the ÖSBV tries to point out the connection to „Vorarlberger
  • Ökostrom, as this is characteristic of the bundle product „Vorarlberger Ökostrom - PLUS“.
  • The marketing of the product „Vorarlberger Ökostrom“ of VKW-ÖKO takes place in terms of forwarding the contracts with the bundle product „Vorarlberger ÖkostromPLUS“ to VKW-ÖKO.
  • The ÖSB-V concludes ÖKOPLUS- funding contracts only in combination with a power-supply contract by VKW-ÖKO (by the public utility companies of Feldkirch and Frastanz, and by the Montafon Railway Company or VKW)as a bundle product „Vorarlberger Ökostrom PLUS“ in combination with ”Vorarlberger Ökostrom“ or

as ÖKOPLUS – funding agreement for municipalities or single customers’ plants with a load profile /demand set/ load shape meter (which roughly equals the annual consumption of 100.000 kWh) in combination with the usual fuel mix of the above mentioned power suppliers. For a municipality the order of green electricity- supply or –funding is only possible by means of the attached order form of VKW-ÖKO and ÖSB-V, which gives the municipalities a survey of all options.

  • This regulation also includes power supplies of independent funding contracts of ÖSB-V.

Transparency on billing and allocation of funding

  • The use of ÖKOPLUS-funding will get transparent to VKW-ÖKO by May of the following year and will then be testified by a registered auditor or by a certified accountant.
  • VKW-ÖKO is constantly up-dated on the major issues and changes of the use of funding and is informed as early as possible, so that it can keep its customers well-informed. Forwarding of data to VKW-ÖKO

Forwarding data to VKW-ÖKO

  • The ÖSB-V forwards all newly-closed Vorarlberg Ökostrom PLUS- contracts in PDF format to ÖKO-VKW as soon as possible, so that the customer‘s desired supply with green electricity is not delayed.
  • Within a reasonable time, the ÖSB V also forwards new ÖKOPLUS-contracts that were closed acc. to section 2 in combination with the supply of the usual fuel mix of the power suppliers. In return, VKW-ÖKO will make sure that the ÖSB-V will get the data of the consumers acc. to Section 5.

Compliance of data protection

  • The ÖSB-V is neither allowed to publish customer data nor to forward them on to third parties, unless the client has given written consent.

Logo of VKW-ÖKO on the Internet-site „“

  • VKW-ÖKO is presented on the Internet homepage of ÖSB-V as a green electricity supplier together with a link to its website.
  • Naming of VKW-ÖKO in E-Mails
  • A footer of ÖSB-V-e-mails says, „Faster energy autonomy with ‘Vorarlberg Ökostrom plus’ – Join us!” In addition, reference is made to the homepage of the ÖSB-V, where the product „Vorarlberger Ökostrom” is described and the link address of VKW-ÖKO is clearly visible.

Services of VKW-ÖKO

VKW-ÖKO provides the following services for ÖSB-V

Procurement of ÖKOPLUS-funding contracts of ÖSB-V to electricity customers

  • Advertising and procurement of ÖKOPLUS-funding contracts in combination with power- supply- contracts of VKW-ÖKO Vorarlberg as the bundle-offer „Vorarlberger Öko-strom PLUS“
  • Linkage of the Internet-sites of VKW-ÖKO and ÖSB-V

Transparency of accounting and allocation of funds

  • VKW-ÖKO informs ÖSB-V on the use of funds (investment funding). Sharing this information avoids double funding and uncertainty in communication. Again, this information will be kept in confidence.

Collection procedure for the ÖSB-V with electricity customers

  • The funding of the customers with an ÖKOPLUS- funding contract are collected by VKW-ÖKO in the course of the electricity–billing and are quarterly forwarded to ÖSB-V.

Compliance of data protection

  • VKW-ECO will keep all customer data of ÖSB-V in confidence.

Forwarding data to ÖKOSTROMBÖRSE

  • Each February of the subsequent year, VKW-ÖKO forwards the annual production data of the ÖSB-V-funded green electricity power plants in a mutually agreed electronic format, if the producers agreed to this in writing.
  • VKW forwards new Vorarlberger ÖkostromPLUS –contracts to ÖSB-V in PDF-Format at their own discretion, but every three months at minimum.
  • VKW-ÖKO quarterly informs the ÖSB-V on which ÖKOPLUS-funding contracts were terminated (e.g. moving out of a customer, closure of a plant or change of product by the customer).
  • VKW-ÖKO will make sure that, by February of the subsequent year, ÖSB-V will always get the billed consumption data of green power plants with a supply contract acc. to Section 4.1. and also from power-plants with an ÖKO-PLUS funding contract of 2007 in combination with a VKW-power supply. For municipalities that have signed an ÖKOPLUS-funding contract for all their power- plants, new power-plants can be added, if necessary. For reasons of data protection and simple processing, ÖSB-V gives VKW-ÖKO a list of the respective plants or municipalities in advance and confirms VKW-ÖKO the validity of those ÖKOPLUS- funding con-tracts. VKW gets PDF-copies of the new ÖKOPLUS- funding contracts.

Advertising for the ÖSB-V on the website

  • In the internet description of „Vorarlberger ÖkostromPLUS“ the ÖKO-VKW points out the cooperation with ÖSB-V with its logo and with a link to the website:

Transparency of the origin of electricity and use of VKW- ÖKO-funding

By May of each the following year an auditor will review: The origin of the green electricity with an energy balance (green electricity-supply by producers and by OeMAG with legal guarantees of origin; green electricity sales to customers) The use of the surcharge of Vorarlberger Ökostrom by means of profit- and loss- account of VKW-ÖKO, which contains the following information:

  • Share of revenue for higher green electricity feeding prices and investment funding
  • VKW-ÖKO- bonus sum, which is included in the green electricity feeding prices that get paid to private and municipal green electricity producers in Vorarlberg, along with the transfers between the calendar years. The VKW ECO bonus is always based on market prices at the time of conclusion of the contract.
  • Granted and paid out investment funding, as well as not paid-out funding which is saved for future investment.
  • VKW - ÖKO gets an advisory board with acknowledged personalities from environmental organizations as representative for the green electricity customers. They advise the VKW ÖKO in the organization of green energy production. After confirmation by the auditor the origin of electricity and the use of funding are disclosed and discussed by the advisory board
  • VKW- ÖKO discloses the confirmations of the auditors to ÖSB-V.

General provisions

Liability of the contractor in case of placing of orders to third parties

If a contractor authorizes a third party for services (such as, if ÖSB-V authorizes the Association of Renewable Energy Vorarlberg for management or VKW-ÖKO commissions VKW with the certain services), the contractor is liable and responsible for ensuring that the agreements of this contract are also kept by its contractors.

Conclusion and termination of the contract

The contract period starts on 01/01/2010 and finishes on 31/12/2012. The contract may be extended. The contractors are authorized to dissolve the contract with immediate effect, if

  • the service of the other party was not provided, not even after an appropriate period and after written request
  • the other party stops their activities or the product „ Vorarlberger Ökostrom PLUS“ or
  • the other party and / or the main responsible acts in a way, which might damage the reputation and image of the first party.

Responsible for the contract:

AEEV – ARGE Erneuerbare Energie Vorarlberg

Hof 19

A-6861 Alberschwende

VKW-Ökostrom GmbH (VKW-ÖKO)

Weidachstraße 6

6900 Bregenz

Verein Ökostrombörse Vorarlberg (ÖSB-V)

Hof 19

6861 Alberschwende


Green Electricity? - Yes, please! 100% local Green Electricity in combination with private funding for the development of power plants on buildings using the example of Vorarlberg (2011)