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The Green Building Solution awards is an output of the CONSTRUCTION21 project.



The Green Building Solutions Awards exist to bring innovators like architects, engineers, contractors, and industrials under the spotlights and reward their approaches, their inventiveness and flexibility. By promoting their buildings and their solutions, Construction21 wishes to inspire all actors of sustainable construction to allow the dissemination of best practices, new techniques, systems and materials. The Green Building Solution Awards are issued every year.

Target group/users

The awarded target groups are architects, engineers, contractors, and industrials. The award also sensitizes the public for sustainable building issues.

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: CONSTRUCTION21

Funding programme: Intelligent Energy for Europe

Publication date

First award: 2013

Regions of implementation:

The award is tendered throughout Europe.



More information and references

Information on CONSTRUCTION21 platform