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Feasibility Study on CESBA by Andrea Moro


This document discusses the practicability and feasibility of the CESBA generic tool (criteria for evaluating public buildings – new buildings and refurbishment) based on the specific indicators. The CESBA tool has been and is being applied for model assessments on public buildings in nine European countries. The feasibility study shows, that in summary, the CESBA tool and its indicators are well applicable for the assessment of buildings. Good assessments are achieved if the application of the tool starts in the early planning stage of a building. Further, setting a target score for the building assessment in advance improves the application of the CESBA tool.

But the feasibility study also indicates that the practicability of the tool for users should be improved. Considering the present form, users have to do many interpolations and calculations in order to determine the scores that have to be awarded. Following the KGA, the user should be provided with an Excel-Tool. All calculation formula for the scores that have to be assigned should be deposited in this table. In the Excel-Tool, the prompted values just have to be entered by the user of the tool and the final score is calculated automatically.

Target group/users

Operators for assessment systems

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: CEC5, Funding programme: Central Europe Programme

Regions of implementation:

CESBA generic tool has been or is being implemented in Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Hungary.


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CESBA generic tool - Feasibility Study 2014