Ex-Post evaluation of MORECO pilot activities

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This study provides an ex-post evaluation of the effectiveness of the practical implementation of the MORECO pilot actions in the period. MORECO project deals with the trade-off between mobility and residential costs. Since this trade-off is a topic which touches almost everyone, the expost evaluation is a useful tool to examine the effectiveness of the tasks conducted in MORECO project and their contribution to sustainable polycentric settlement development.


Target group/users

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: MORECO

Funding programme: Alpine Space Programme

Publication date

June 2014

Regions of implementation:

Pilot sites: City of Salzburg and District 'Salzburg Umgebung' (Austria), “Alpine corridor" = Axis Geneva <> Valence (Rhône valley) (France), City of Munich and Munich hinterlands (Germany), Novo Mesto and further municipalities of Jugovzhodna Region (Slovenia), Mantova hinterland (Italy), Boite Valley + Valbelluna (Italy), Lanzo Valley (Italy)




Research studio iSPACE

Dr. Thomas Prinz


Download and sources

Ex-Post Evaluation of MORECO Pilot Activities