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Within the context of the 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop held in Turin (Italy) on the 1st of July 2014, ViSiBLE invited actors from the 20 projects which were analysed in a survey conducted by ViSiBLE. The 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop brought 90 participants from 11 European countries together. Out of these 18 participants, representing 17 different EU projects took part in the ViSiBLE workshop.

Goals of the workshop

The purpose of the workshop was fourfold:

  1. Present and validate the ViSiBLE survey results
  2. Present and validate CESBA as a framework for EU
  3. Share experiences across projects
  4. Develop new project ideas

Structure of workshop

The workshop itself was structured in three rounds using Appreciative Inquiry as methodology. Moderated by Giulia Barbano (iiSBE Italia) and Robert Moosbrugger (Regional Development Vorarlberg), the participants were asked in the first round to DISCOVER their personal project highlights. In the next round they formulated their DREAMS for coming projects. The last stage was to DESIGN ideas for new projects.

DISCOVER: transnational networking and transfer of knowledge

In a first plenary session the results of the ViSiBLE project survey were shared and presented to the audience. During the workshop the participants highlighted that the EU projects they had participated in clearly resulted in the transfer of knowledge and generated new and better practices amongst the project partners. The fostering of transnational networking, cooperation and knowledge alliances was mentioned as a highlight of EU projects.

DREAM: dissemination, communication and implementation

The workshop participants identified the widening of dissemination and adoption of results as one of the key challenges for future EU projects. Some workshop participants wished for a greater participation of the population and the public administration in EU projects and proposed to co-design projects with those groups. The importance of an optimal composition of the partnership was stressed. Some participants also underlined the need to focus projects on usable and actionable goals, as an evolution from the past predominance of feasibility studies and research. The people who focused more on the follow-up and broader impact of projects highlighted again the importance of effective communication to the public , and to the need for implementation of results at the local level. Many participants also recommended focusing on the issue of harmonization and optimizing effort by building on past results, in full alignment both with the ViSiBLE project and the CESBA initiative. Finally, in this round the participants were asked for advice, focusing on the most important thing when planning a project. A significant part of the suggestions focused on the organization, while several looked at the project follow-up as key.


Word cloud on opportunities for new EU projects - generated during the 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop


Word cloud on main challenges for new EU projects - generated during the 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop

DESIGN: Concrete project ideas

Two concrete project ideas were discussed during the workshop:

Optimization of energy consumption in building use

  • Proposer: Luca De Giorgis (Politecnico di Torino)
  • E-Mail:

About the project idea:

Support of municipalities in monitoring the implementation of SEAPs

  • Proposer Giulia Paoletti (EURAC)
  • E-Mail:

About the project idea:

  • SEAP = Sustainable Energy Action Plan
  • Support municipalities to monitor SEAP targets, consumptions, emissions, RES production

Worskhop results in the context of CESBA

This is a selection of the workshop results that concern the further development of the CESBA initiative:

  • CESBA can facilitate networking between projects and project partners
  • The CESBA Wiki should be a platform for knowledge sharing across projects
  • CESBA should provide background knowledge on the EU framework and policies for sustainable buildings
  • CESBA should provide space for discussions
  • CESBA should network with other sustainable building communities (CESBA is already networking with CONSTRUCTION21)!
  • CESBA should provide online real-time information (Blog, Twitter, Facebook)
  • CESBA should support the development of new projects
  • CESBA should promote public awareness on sustainable building

Conclusion of workshop

The active participation of the participants in the workshop showed that the topic of the workshop was relevant for the project partners. From the workshop it can be concluded that the ViSiBLE survey results are validated and that representatives from EU funded projects see CESBA as a useful framework to connect and collect EU project results and outputs.

Target group/users

People and organizations who have been, are currently or would like to be involved in EU-funded projects.

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: ViSiBLE

Funding programme: Alpine Space Programme

Publication date

July 2014

Regions of implementation:

The workshop was conducted in Turin, Italy; the participants came from 6 different countries (Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, France).




Robert Moosbrugger

Regional Development Vorarlberg

Source and download

ViSiBLE Workshop Report on EU projects - Results, challenges and opportunities (2014)