Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

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The European Union has set ambitious goals to improve the sustainability of our built environment and to meet the Kyoto protocoll commitments on climate change. Buildings greatly contribute to the climate change, since 40% of the energy is used in buildings.The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) was first published in 2002 and plays a key role in achieving the EU policy goals.

Until today, it has been a challenge for EU contries to implement the Directive. The EPBD has been recasted in 2010 (Directive 2010/31/EU). EU member states face new challenges. With the adoption of the recast EPBD in 2010 (Directive 2010/31/EU), EU Member States faced new tough challenges. Foremost among them, moving towards new and retrofitted nearly-zero energy buildings by 2020 (2018 in the case of Public buildings), and the application of a cost-optimal methodology for setting minimum requirements for both the envelope and the technical systems. [1]

Many EU projects on sustainable building have seized the challenges of the EPBD and promote their implementation.

The Directive 2010/31/EU

Download of EPBD directive


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