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It is important to clearly define the goals of sustainability in the call for a public tender for the participating architects. Only with a detailed predefinition of the framework conditions, all submitted concepts will be sustainable. It has to be considered that the criteria should not constrain the creativity of the architects; else, there is the danger of a small number of architects participating in the tender and innovative, creative as well as visionary concepts might get lost. The main goal of every architectural competition is to find the best solution for a special project. National and regional standards have to be followed. For choosing the best concept, the jury should consist of experts on sustainable construction and refurbishment.

The following movie shows, using the example of buildings in Vorarlberg, how the CESBA tool has been implemented:

CESBA Building Cycle

  1. Purpose and Target Definition
  2. Design Tendering and Architectural Competition
  3. Planning Process
  4. Procurement of Products and Services
  5. Implementation and Building Process
  6. Commissioning of a Building
  7. Monitoring and Usage of a Building

EU Project Outputs on Design Tendering