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Conventions for CESBA editors =

All CESBA editors agree with the CESBA Wiki conventions which are not formally established but binding . The conventions are accessible on the CESBA Wiki and can be amended or altered by an administrator if necessary. The final agreement on the first set of CESBA Wiki conventions will be set up after the 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop.

A first set of conventions is:

Thematic conventions

  • CESBA Wiki articles are as serious, useful and correct as possible.
  • CESBA editors do not deliberately write wrong articles
  • CESBA editors do not delete whole articles or chapters but amend and correct them according to their understanding of the respective topic.

Formal conventions

CESBA editors take care of appropriate formatting, correct spelling and grammar, and an understandable language. Nobody has to write perfect articles, but everybody should try his or her best.

Contribution to CESBA Wiki structure

  • CESBA editors include internal links in their articles so readers can get further information.
  • CESBA editors always categorize new articles and add their articles to a portal if possible.
  • CESBA editors use existent article templates where possible to ensure a uniform structure.
  • CESBA editors provide an English summary on the English CESBA Wiki when writing an article in another language.

Copy right and license

  • CESBA editors always take care of copy rights.
  • CESBA editors follow the rules of the commons license CC BY 4.0.
  • If CESBA editors use external information, they always specify the source.

Help and support

CESBA editors use the CESBA Wiki help articles and the CESBA Wiki help handbook or they contact the CESBA Wiki admin.