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The summary of certification systems for evaluating the energy efficiency of buildings in the Alpine Space is an output of the ENERBUILD project.

You can download the full ENERBUILD publication in pdf format here: Publication: Certification of energy-efficient public buildings - Summary of instruments in the Alpine Space


ENERBUILD is a shortcut of a project from the EU alpine space program and stands for ENergy Efficiency and Renewable energies in the BUILDing Sector. The partnership consists of 13 partners from 6 countries. Their predominant role is to promote economic and environmental concerns. For the purpose of the project they create a network of specialized companies. The companies and the cross sectional approach is characterized by involving institutions ranging from universities, energy clusters, institutions for building physics, ecological construction, architects, handcraft associations, vocational training institutions in the public and private sector. The ENERBUILD-project was planned for a period of 3 years (2009 to 2012). The project is focused on strengthening SME in the building sector because of their great importance as employers in alpine valleys. New developments and changes concerning building techniques arise. To fulfil this requirements, cross-sectoral networks will be of importance.

Applying tools for certification

The ENERBUILD workshop 30.11.2009 deals with the use of different certifying system and the comparison of the different approaches. It’s interesting to see that in different countries big affords are made to establish a standard guiding und evaluating system for energy saving and ecological buildings in parallel. The different systems investigated are:

There are differences, and advantages of each system and it should be analysed how it could be adapted and implemented on local level.

There are tools in development, however alpine wide tested and accepted evaluation tools for ecological public buildings are still missing until now . They are not really implemented from the legal point of view (see competition rules). Cause of this inaccurate situation, political decision concerning ecological public buildings are constrained. The question is: What are the measures to convince stakeholders using and implementing a certain kind of system?

After finishing the project initiative, suitable tools for the evaluation of energy efficient buildings will be used as a part of a public decision process. For the evaluation process there are certification bodies installed (in some regions).

This structure empowers public decision makers to design decision processes for establishing ecological public buildings in the Alpine Space.

To go in this direction the steps in the ENERBUILD project are:

  • Transnational comparison of instruments according to ecological evaluation of public buildings
  • Improvement and promotion of instruments for the construction of ecological end energy efficient buildings
  • Pilot testing of instruments and methods, e.g. evaluation of selected (public) buildings
  • Establishing an Advisory Service for certifying ecological public building

Different certifying systems

  • France: Effinergie - Label for Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Switzerland: The MINERGIE® - Standard for buildings
  • Italy: LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design


Certification of energy-efficient public buildings - Summary of instruments in the Alpine Space (2009)