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The outputs presented deal with the harmonization of the sustainability of our built environment and enrich the CESBA initiative. By collecting different valuable outputs from Closed EU-projects, CESBA archives project outcomes that might get lost otherwise.

Many terms, one meaning

In general, outputs from EU projects are written documents, internet platforms or databases, videos, events etc. that are produced in EU projects. Outputs can be very different - see below - but many of them face the same problem: After project closure, they are often not much used anymore.

The variety of outputs

Outputs from EU projects can be very different. They differ in the topic they deal with, their type, they belong to different projects and are available in different languages (mostly in English). Therefore, on the CESBA Wiki the outputs presented are sorted and can be searched by the following criteria:

  • Output type, e.g. guideline for practicioners, tools and decision support systems, or recommendations for policy-makers;
  • The project the output comes from
  • Integration in the three CESBA processes of training, certification, and service.
  • The topic the output deals with

Outputs for CESBA

But what makes an EU project output valuable for CESBA? An output is usable for CESBA if:

  • It promotes the sustainability and/or harmonization of our built environment in Europe
  • It has a good quality (language, design, contents, understandability)
  • It promotes the further development of CESBA
  • It is NOT focused on private use only (e.g. in residantial, private homes) since CESBA is a public open-source initiative.


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