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This article deals with an output of the project AlpBC.


Thermal bridges of windows pro-vide a high potential for saving energy. This output helps to re-alize, calculate and prevent negative effects of thermal bridges.Using the catalogue, architects, planners and craftsmen can quickly recognize and calculate thermal bridge losses of windows and take appropriate measures to prevent them during the renovation process. This document is only available in German.

A quick calculation of potential energy losses due to thermal bridges in windows makes an energetic and economic optimization of existing buildings possible. The innovative catalogue exists in two versions (new and existing buildings), but only the version on existing buildings was funded by AlpBC project.

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Target group/users

Architects, planners, craftsmen, students

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: AlpBC

Funding programme: Alpine Space Programme

Publication date


Regions of implementation:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland




Sabine Erber

Energieinstitut Vorarlberg


Phone: +43 5572 31 202 91

Download and source

Catalogue on thermal bridges for window installations (German)