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The training for CESBA is given by well qualified, CESBA accredited trainers. The training follows the specifications of EQF (European qualification framework), EC-VET (European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training) and with ISO/IEC 17024.

Training target groups

The content for CESBA training covers the whole building life cycle. The content and the depth of teaching will be adapted for the different target groups:

  • Public (User, Owners, Education, Public, Teacher, Students, Journalists, Industry / Manufacturers)
  • Decision Makers (Politicians, Public administration, Investors, Banks, interested Groups)
  • Experts (Planers, Trainers, Experts, Builders)

The methods used focuses on:

  • Distance learning,
  • Best practices – open source,
  • Seminars, excursion, lectures.


The training is offered by existing local and regional training providers. They will follow the guidelines offered by CESBA and which are publicly available on the CESBA Wiki. Most of the training material is open source and will be available on the CESBA Wiki as well. It is essential to use an adequate language depending on the target group.


CESBA guide (2014)