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The CESBA initiative policy paper is an output of the ViSiBLE project.


The CESBA initiative policy paper establishes the policy position of CESBA regarding EU policy developments on sustainable building. The incentive to draw up the paper has been a process launched by the European Commission within the frame of the Europe2020 strategy: The Commission aims at developing a Europe-wide approach to assess the environmental performance of buildings. The CESBA initiative policy paper welcomes this process and highlights the need for a harmonized approach due to the diversity of local issues in Europe. CESBA stresses that it is ready and willing to share its knowledge with all stakeholders.

Target group/users

The policy paper is directed at key decision makers on European level.

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: ViSiBLE

Funding programme: Alpine Space Programme

Publication date

October 2014

Regions of implementation:

The policy paper is a document that is relevant for all member states of the European Union


English, German, Italian, French, Slovenian



Rhǒne-Alpes Regional Energy and Environment Agency (RAEE)

Contact person: Etienne Vienot

E-Mail: etienne.vienot@raee.org