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CESBA provides a generic tool based on the key performance indicators and reference performance indicators. The CESBA generic tool is prescribed in study books.

The CESBA generic tool can be used in one of the following three ways:

  • As a guideline for the harmonization of existing assessment tools (See chapter 5 Building Assessment Harmonization),
  • As a research tool for exercise and research projects which goes beyond regional standards for exchange and comparison,
  • As a starting tool with low entry barriers for regions without existing assessment tools.

The applicability of the CESBA tool indicators in different European region is currently analyzed in a feasibility study as part of the CEC5 project.

  • CESBA generic tool for new buildings XLS: (English)
  • CESBA generic tool for existing buildings XLS: (English)
  • CESBA generic tool for cultural heritage buildings XLS (English)