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Find here the lastest news of our projects within our project newsletters appearing regularly:






March 5th 2020



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October 11th 2019

The CESBA MED final conference, organized in close cooperation with all project partners, was successfully held in Turin on October, 11th 2019.

The different sessions of the conference were attended by 70 people from different countries of the MED area and gave new insights into the practices aimed to have common and harmonized indicators that allow the comparison of the performances reached by public buildings and urban areas to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The CESBA MED project defined and tested an open source transnational system for measuring urban sustainability adaptable to any city and a passport to compare performances.

The conference presented the main project achievements and offered the participants a dynamic debate with European experts and stakeholders. During morning session, the project partners presented the CESBA MED tools and methodology, the training system, the policy recommendations and the lesson learned from the testing cases in 9 territories. In the afternoon round table session, European cities networks, urban planning experts and other relevant stakeholders explored and debated possible future capitalisations of CESBA MED results. A strong motivation to use in different cities the CESBA MED tools emerged from the speaker’ interventions.



October 11th 2019

The CESBA MED final conference is taking place within the framework of an Interreg MED Programme, in the field of reducing the environmental impact of public buildings.

The conference is organised in close cooperation with the project partners and gives insight into the practices addressing a set of common criteria, indicators and metrics to allow the comparison of the performance reached by public buidings and urban areas in the different MED regions and into a common way to display the results.

The conference will offer the participants a dynamic debate with European and national experts. It will also shed light on the implementation of an assessment tool (CESBA SNTools) and on an application methodology. The tools are intended to support decision makers and the managers of public building stocks in the implementation of more efficient energy retroffiting plans combining the building and the urban scale. It means the possiblity to identify the most convenient retrofit strategy considering the building in relation with its urban area and verifying the possibility to activate synergies between groups of buildings.

The conference will also give major opportunity for exchanges between the representatives of experts on a training system for transferring the CESBA MED tools and methodology.

Please find more detailed information, link for registration and the agenda of the final conference on our project webpage!

CESBA MED - Partner News from iiSBE Italy


CESBA MED regional dissemination event in Turin
October 7th 2019

A public event to present the results of the CESBA MED project took place on Monday 7 October at the Urban Lab in Turin. 20 people attended the workshop. The newly appointed Councilor for City Planning, Construction, Public Works and Heritage of the City of Turin took part with great interest in the debate on the results of the application of CESBA MED SNtool in a Turin area. Piemonte Region and the Metropolitan City of Turin participated in the event presenting the initiatives and projects they are implementing with reference to sustainable territorial planning based on performance indicators that, although operating at different scales, allow a shared and common approach.

CESBA MED - Partner News from Municipality of Udine

Udine October2.jpg

September 19th 2019

Udine’s Co-creation Lab: choosing the best criteria possible and measuring the most significant indicators.

On September 19th, our partners from the Municipality of Udine organized their Co-creation Lab. It was an opportunity to bring together representatives of the Architects' Province Order, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and the National Urban Planning Institute. Workshop participants shared the participatory approach in which the city of Udine invested heavily during the project, asking for the collaboration of all those who by profession or passion deal with sustainability on urban scale. The attention of the group has focused on three critical aspects related to a correct use of the SN tool and the reliability of its results: first of all the choice of benchmarks, weights and objectives for each indicator, secondly, but not less important, the choice of the additional criteria that together with the KPIs describe the sustainability level of a neighborhood. Finally the opportunity to verify that the numbers calculated by the technicians through the tool reflect the perception of those who live and work in the neighborhood. Starting from here two references to those in charge of promoting the decision making process:

  • a clear commitment to the technical training of the municipal staff, but also to political decision-makers, so that they are aware of how their choices in the tool setting can influence the outcome of the evaluation;
  • a criteria choice as wide and shared as possible, to better respect the specific character of a neighborhood and therefore recognize its real needs;
  • a feedback action aiming to verify on the ground the correspondence between the value calculated through the SNtool and the level of liveability actually perceived

CESBA MED - Partner News from Municipality of Udine

Udine October.jpg

June 7th 2019

Greening event

On June 7th, the Environmental Policies Agency coordinating the CESBA MED project for the Italian municipality, organized a greening event, one of the initiatives promoted after the SN tool application assessing the sustainability level of Aurora district, the pilot case of Udine. Aiming both to promote the participatory approach in the evaluation protocol and finetune its functioning, our Italian partners have reserved particular attention to some of the neighborhood younger inhabitants, the students of the 5th grade in the local primary school. During school time, through a first short educational module, the children enjoyed ranking various aspects of their neighborhood and simulating an eco-report card in imitation of the much more complex evaluation obtained through the CESBA SN tool technical application. Shortly after, under the eyes of their parents, the children were supported in planting flowers, herbs and plants in a green area specifically chosen within the neighborhood. The activity allowed them to experience first-hand the added value that can be given to urban parks and showed that there are ways to rank not only to the extension of a green area, but its contribution to biodiversity as well. Other initiatives will follow in the near future. The focus will be always kept on the increase and improvement of the awareness of those who live and work in a neighborhood object of evaluation. As a public institution City of Udine is particularly committed not only to make the concept of indicator measurement more and more familiar but also harmonize the calculated value of sustainability with the perceived level of livability.

CESBA MED - Partner News from Government of Catalonya (GENCAT)

GENCAT october.jpg

The Government of Catalonia organises a Seminar to present the results of CESBA MED at regional level

The Seminar, titled CESBA-MED: New strategies for the Development of Mediterranean Sustainable Cities, took place in Barcelona on the 10th of July of 2019. The main goal of the session was to present CESBA MED’s tools and methodology to other public administrations and interested agents so that they can start implementing it in their urban planning strategies and projects. Among the attendees, there were representatives and technicians from other Catalan public administrations (at regional and local level) as well as interested stakeholders related to urban planning, architecture, engineering and energy efficiency, and renewable energies

After a brief introduction by Mr. Josep Casas, Deputy General Director of Architecture, Housing Planning and Urban Improvement of the Government of Catalonia, about energy efficiency, and how this can be improved from and architectural point of view, Mr. Xavier Martí, chief officer of European Programmes of the Government of Catalonia, made a general presentation of CESBA MED, explaining its objectives and methodologies and presenting all the work done by the project, and to conclude Mrs. Sílvia Mata, engineer and technician of the European Programmes Unit of the Government of Catalonia, made a technical presentation on the SBE method, detailed the KPIs and presented the SN and SB Tools. The session ended with a Q&A in which many participants showed their interest in the tools and asked for information on the process to start using it.


May 28th 2019 Torino

Final Conf.jpg

CESBA MED - Partner News from EnvirobatBDM

CESBA MED presented at the Union for the Mediterranean

June 27th - June 28th 2019

EnvirobatBDM presented the CESBA MED outcomes and practical tools for local authorities at the Union for Mediterranean (UfM) meeting in Barcelona June 27th and June 28th. About 20 representatives of Mediterranean countries participated in the meeting to draft the UfM Action Plan on Urban Development for 2021-2027 on Sustainability, energy efficiency, climate change adaptation and resilience in housing. For two days representatives and professionals exchanged to identify potential projects ideas, twining, financial strategy and capacity building needs. Presentation on assessment tools and CESBA MED were welcomed by participants as relevant supportive tools.

CESBA MED - press conference in Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria

The municipality of Schnifis wins an international competition (the 1st CESBA Neighborhood Award) for good neighborhood development

July 5th 2019


The INTERREG MED project CESBA MED organized the 1st CESBA Neighborhood Award 2019. The neighborhood award was a competitive challenge for urban areas in certain categories and for certain criteria’s. 23 Submissions from 7 different European countries applied for the Award. An international jury verified the 4 winners of the Award, among them is the municipality of Schnifis. Schnifis has been awarded for their village center development project.
The prime minister of Vorarlberg Karlheinz Rüdisser congratulated at the press conference on Friday July 5th to this prize: “The municipality of Schnifis has shown that intensive citizen participation over many years leads to coherent results. At the same time, the spatial and sustainability goals of the state of Vorarlberg are being met.”

The aim of the competition was to use and disseminate the methods developed together with twelve project partners from seven European countries to assess the sustainability of neighbourhoods and districts. Good examples of district development are to be collected and processed. Another objective was the networking of the actors. The planning process, the commitment, the sustainable development and the future vision of existing and new neighbourhoods in communities up to 10,000 inhabitants, up to 50,000 inhabitants and up to more than 50,000 inhabitants were assessed.

One of the prizes in the category “Areas under a planned or project phase retrofitting” was awarded to the municipality of Schnifis. The mayor of Schnifis Anton Mähr is happy with the award: “The international award serves as an incentive for us to carefully continue our plans for a sustainable future of our municipality. The participation of the citizens is very important for the development of visions and the realisation of projects."



Project CESBA MED at EU - Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels - EUSEW 2019

June 17th - June 21st 2019

The project CESBA MED participated at the EU Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels with a stand at the Networking Village on June 18th

The key principles of the PGS (participatory guarantee system) antd its impact on society were shown. The PGS approach meets the overall topic of the EUSEW 2019 "A clean planet for all."

Press releases: Project CESBA Alps and CESBA MED

The Interreg Alpine Space Project CESBA Alps ends in June, after a 4-year project duration. The final conference took place in Turin on May 28th 2019. Within the CESBA Alps project the first tool for sustainablity develepment assessment of territories has been generated the "CESBA STT - CESBA Sustainable Territory Tool". The tool refelcts local standards and allows the rating of a territory on the base of its performance with regards to the mian sustainablity issues.

CESBA Alps press release, June 2019

The Interreg Mediterranean Project CESBA MED organized the first CESBA Neighborhood Award 2019. On May 16th 2019 the Award Ceremony took place in Scilla, Italy during the SBE2019 (Sustainable Built Environment Conference). The Neighborhood Award was a competitive challenge for urban areas in certain categories. 23 submissions from 7 different European countries applied for the Award.

CESBA MED press release, June 2019

CESBA MED - Partner News from Natinal Observatory of Athens (NOA)

NOA Event D5.4.2CoCreation Lab Noa Newsletter July.jpg

Co-Creation Lab in Athens, Greece

NOA organized the Hellenic Co- Creation Lab on 4/6/2019 in Athens, Greece. The event was very well attended including Mr Vafeiadis, Deputy Rector of Vrilissia, Mr Le Tellier, UN Environment, representatives from other organizations (CRES, CISD) and the technical departments of the Municipality of Athens, engineers, architects and other professionals, many of which are members of the Hellenic Local Committee. The program included an overview of the CESBA MED method and main deliverables, a demonstration of the tools, and short presentations on a variety of topics on the general theme of urban sustainability to trigger dialogue and engage participants. The discussions explored the challenges and the opportunities of local authorities and their efforts towards sustainability, looking for ideas on how to best engage end-users and residents to create successful plans. All the presentations (in Greek) are available here

The representatives of the Municipality of Fylis and Vrilissia were also presented with a Certificate in Recognition of their participation in the CESBA Neighborhood Award 2019 for the two neighborhoods, namely the Historical center of Ano Liossia in Municipality of Fylis and the Neighborhood in SE Vrilissia.

CESBA MED - Partner News from iiSBE Italiy

SBE Logo.png

16/05/2019 -17/05/2019
SBE 19 Scilla Conference

The CESBA MED project and its results was protagonist in many sessions of the SBE19 Conference held in Scilla, Calabria, on 16 and 17 May.

Thematic session 4 - CESBA Neighbourhood Award

The winners were awarded and presented their good practices describing their experiences in calculating CESBA MED KPIs to assess neighbourhood sustainability.

Thematic session 5 -The CESBA MED assessment system for measuring the sustainability of neighbourhoods:

The CESBA MED Assessment system was illustrated together with some examples of its application in the different countries/territories involved in the project. A debate about the use of CESBA assessment system in policy instruments closed this session.

Thematic session 7 - Efficient buildings in the Mediterranean

During this session, organised in collaboration with MEDNICE horizontal project, CESBA MED tools and methodologies for sustainable neighbourhoods, were presented together with the other projects included in MEDNICE, The discussion focused on the most innovative aspects to guarantee energy efficient buildings and cities in the MED area.



CESBA Neighborhood Award Ceremony in Scilla, Italy during the SBE 2019

Representatives of the project CESBA MED honoured the winners of the 1st CESBA Neighborhood Award 2019 during the SBE 2019 (Sustainable Built Environment Conference) in Scilla, Italy.

We thank all participating projects for taking part in the 1st CESBA Neighborhood Award 2019 and their extensive submissions and are proud to officially announce the 4 winners and 3 honorable mentioned projects in the categories: new developments, existing retrofitted areas and areas under a planned or project phase retrofitting.


The winners are: El Cabanyal (València, Spain) and Center Schnifis (Vorarlberg, Austria)

Honorable Mention: Macrolotto Zero (Toscana, Italy)


Winner: Strubergasse (Salzburg, Austria)

Honorable Mention: Centre Krizecvci (Križevci , Croatia)


Winner: Zac Castellane (Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, France)

Honorable Mention: Sonod in Belley (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France)


Online version of our CESBA Neighborhood Award Booklet describing all the participating projects of the Award!

Online version of our CESBA Neighborhood Award Posters in A0 Format!


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On the 16th May 2019 Silvia Mata, technician from the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia presented the main results obtained by this partner in the Barcelona Building Construmat Fair.

The event took place in the stand that the Department of Territory and Sustainability hosted in the Fair and was attended by relevant stakeholders such as architects, University professors, engineers, and managers from companies related to sustainable energies.

Mrs. Mata started her presentation by highlighting the relevance of sustainability, continued by presenting the CESBA MED project, its main objectives and how the SNTools and SBTools can support the implementation of the projects for the retrofitting of buildings and urban areas, to conclude by explaining all the work done by the Government of Catalonia in the project’s pilots and the results obtained.

CESBA MED - Partner News from Energy Institue Hrvoje Pozar (EHIP)

EHIP (2) Merging the Split Conference April 2019.jpg

International conference Merging the Split: Converting Spaces into Places

The conference was organized by the Association of Cities within the URBACT framework and was held on April 25 and 26, 2019 in the City of Split, Croatia. The conference gathered more than 200 participants from seven EU and Balkan region countires, moslty representatives of URBACT City Network and experts in urban development.

One of the workshops featured presentation of the CESBA MED framework for integrative and sustainable planning of urban areas. Energy institute Hrvoje Požar presented a case study of sustainability assesment of a neighbourhood using the CESBA MED SN tool. Other practical uses of structured sustainability indicators in everyday tasks and activities of public administration, as well as spatial, energy and environment experts were elaborated. Read more here

CESBA MED - Partner News from Municipality Sant Cugat

Mednice Event 0224.jpg

CESBA MED at CONSTRUMAT Side event in Barcelona

Sant Cugat del Vallès city council participated to CONSTRUMAT side event organized by IREC ( Catalonia Institute for Energy Research) in the framework of Barcelona Building Construmat on 15th may 2019. The event brought together different stakeholders on the energy rehabilitation of buildings in a decarbonised Europe, emphasizing the technical tools and financial mechanisms for increasing the rehabilitation ratio on the existing buildings park.

The first session of the day was centred in MEDNICE where several European projects of the MED program showed how their results can improve and accelerate that transformation in the Mediterranean. Sant Cugat del Vallès municipality explained the results of CESBA MED project on sustainability evaluation of urban areas and buildings in Monestir Sant Francesc neighbourhood.

CESBA MED - Partner News from National Observatory of Athens (NOA)

EinB-NH2019 NOA July Newsletter Bild.jpg

CESBA MED at the 6th Int. Conference “Energy in Buildings – Northern Hellas” in Thessaloniki, Greece

NOA participated at the 6th Int. Conference ENERGY in BUILDINGS - NORTHERN HELLAS 2019 organized by the ASHRAE Hellenic Chapter in collaboration with the Technical Chamber of Greece, Section of Central Macedonia (TEE-TKM). The presentation reviewed the general CESBA MED method, approach and characteristics, focusing on the simple and adaptable characteristics of the method, the national pilots and the resulting final key performance indicators, the completed work on the toolkit and the available training material. With about 100 participants (engineers, architects, academia and professionals of different disciplines) and 19 speakers from Greece, USA, Egypt and Spain, the conference provided a forum for reviewing and elaborating the state of art and progress in a variety of topics on the built environment. Access the presentation at More information on the conference at


Eusew2019 utanhashtag 002.png

Shaping Europe`s Energy Future

The Project CESBA MED will participate at the EU Sustainable Energy Week within the Networking Village and explain the key principles of PGS (participatory guarantee systems) and its impact to society.

The PGS Approach meets the overall topic of the EUSEW Energy week "A Clean Planet for all".

Within the Networking Village CESBA will offer a quiz and a dart game with questions regarding the CESBA approach ideas on horizontal harmonization & vertical integration of Energy performance of the built environment in Europe as well as assessment of the built environment on different scales: territorial and neighbourhood scale.

Further CESBA members will together with EnvirobatBDM offer a Q&A regarding participatory guarantee systems (PGA) in Europe.

Find more infos here: Find more Infos on the EUSEW here!


CESBA Alps conference bild.jpg


Technicians, decision makers and main stakeholders will discuss approaches and solutions to implement sustainable territorial planning processes to face present and future challenges starting from the results achieved and the lessons learnt from the CESBA Alps project.

Find more infos and the final conference programme here:

Registration for the conference is open:


Booklet Neighborhood Award 30.jpg


The Award Ceremony of the first CESBA Neighborhood Award takes place on May 16th (4.30pm - 6pm) during the SBE - Sustainable Built Environment Conference - in Scilla, Italy
The projects are awarded and the certificates presented.
Find more info to the SBE conference in Scilla here:

CESBA MED at "THE DAY OF CITIES" Event in Geneva

UN - (10).jpg

08/04/2019 - 09/04/2019
On 8 and 9 April, the CESBA MED project participated to The Day of Cities eventorganized by UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) in Geneva

The event brought together Mayors, urban managers and other key municipal practitioners for an exchange of views and knowledge sharing of good practices and successful planning strategies. iiSBE Italia R&D and Cityo of Torino participated in the two days exhibition to disseminate the CESBA MED results to the participating cities. Read more infos here!



FOT06357 bearb..jpg

28 March 2019 - Marseille

CESBA MED partners invite European stakeholders to a set of 14 buildings projects presentation, for which the design, work and operation have been improved thanks to assessment approaches. Transdisciplinary teams will present their projects and discuss related issues and feedbacks with a peer panel and the audience in a transparent and open dialogue to share one common good : knowledge.

Public - Target group

All sustainable buildings European stakeholders i.e public and private building stock owners, policy makers, architects, engineers, developers, investors, public authorities, environmental consultants, industrials, energy agencies, building users…


8h30 : Welcome

9h - 10h : Plenary session : Sustainable buildings assessment from global to local Towards a European assessment passport : sharing common indicators inspired by the Level(s) European in local approaches - feedback from the CESBA Med project, Participatory approach in assessment, what benefit for the industry? By Florence Rosa – Director of envirobatBDM, Andrea Moro – iisbe Italia, Viviane Hamon - CESBA, Nicolas Garnier – Interreg Med joint secretary*

10h - 12h30 : Sharing feedback - 2 parallel sessions : 5 projects Starring : social housing area refurbishment in Udine, Italia / New social housing in Levens, Provence / Elementary school renovation, Mravince, Croatia / New office building in Manosque, Provence / High school refurbishment in Martigues, Provence

12h30 - 14h30 : Lunch

14h30 - 18h : Sharing feedback - 2 parallel sessions : 8 projects Starring : Torino - Industrial brownfield renewal / New community kitchen in Septèmes-les-Vallons, Provence / High school refurbishment in Antibes Juan-les-Pins, Provence / New children activity club in Aups, Provence / New social housing programme in Marseille / Conference center refurbishment in Digne-les-Bains, Provence / High school half board refurbishment in Gap, Provence / Regional learning center in Nice, Provence.

18h : Conclusion


29 March 2019, 9AM - 2PM

Marseille, ECOLE EMD



Winner selection of the CESBA Neighborhood Award during the jury meeting: March 27th 2019 in Marseille 9.00am - 5.30pm.

Location: EMD, Ecole de Management, Rue Joseph Biaggi, 13003 Marseille

Composition of the jury: Jozo Radoš, Josep Casas, Julije Domac, René Lohe, Braganca Luis

CESBA Alps Project Video

Watch our CESBA Alps project video!

Find information on our project in our CESBA Alps project video.


Impressions from the 5th CESBA Sprintworkshop in Gozo/ Malta 14th - 16th November 2018


Kopfzeile Neighborhood Award 2019.jpg

Present your success story and share it!

Exchange and learn from others!'

The European CESBA MED project for Sustainable Cities invites your to participate at the CESBA Neighborhood Award 2019!

The application is open until 17th February 2019

Participate here and fill out the online form!

Sustainable Built Environment Conference in Scilla 2019

16/05/2019 - 17/05/2019
Calabria Region and iiSBE Italia are pleased to announce the SBE19 Scilla conference that will be held on May 16th-17th, 2019 in Scilla, Italy. The conference will be held under auspices of international conveners UN Environment, CIB, iiSBE, FIDIC and belongs to the Sustainable Built Environment regional conference series leading towards World Sustainable Built Environment conference WSBE20 in Gothenburg, 2020. The conference is supported by CESBA.

The conference will address policies at all levels, from EU to cities. Attention will be given to the integration of assessment systems in policies and in the decision-making processes of public authorities. Further the results of the CESBA Neighborhood Award 2019 will be presented.

Information on the conference here.

Partner News from Envirobat BDM

ElmtsSLIDEapresAssises network.gif

EnvirobatBDM & CESBA Med at the European conference on energy transition

EnvirobatBDM participated to the European Conference on Energy Transition (Assises européennes de la transition énergétique) on 22, 23, 24 January 2019 in Dunkerque, France. For the past 20 years, this event has been an event that gathers professionals from local authorities and associations (3,500 stakeholders over 3 days) working on the implementation of energy transition. It is a great opportunity to discover projects, to make people aware of their own and to exchange ideas between actors. EnvirobatBDM organised a session on sustainable neighbourhood assessment on January 23rd afternoon as part of the CESBA Med project.


14/11/2018 - 16/11/2018


40 experts from 8 nations developed joint solutions for a continuous improvement of buildings, neighbourhoods and spatial planning. The 5th CESBA Sprint Workshop was organized by 9 European projects and 5 partner organizations. By means of the so-called Sprint method working groups dealt with respectively six issues for three days.
The most important results are:

  • Most programs in cities are tailored for middle class people with a stable income and well-to-do public administrations. CESBA shall reinforce the sensibility and consideration for the social dimension of actions and measures.
  • CESBA shall foster a participatory approach of stakeholders through gamification and co-creation. Adopt a parallel “bottom-up” and top-down governance.
  • Assessment tools need to be harmonized. We need to continue collaboration between us to fulfil these tasks in the forthcoming years. Spatial planning could be a cross-sector facilitation and implementation of horizontal and vertical integration of political programs and recommendations.
  • CESBA shall focus on the collaboration with existing networks. The success of this collaboration will depend on the development of new CESBA tools.

The Sprint Method was discussed thoroughly by all participants and confirmed as very valuable and profitable.

Main organizing project: CESBA MED.
Partner organisations: University of Malta, ECOGOZO, EUROPEAN ENERGY AWARD, FEDARENE, CESBA


CESBA MED Newsletter 4 2018, final.jpg

Find here the lastest news of our projects within our project newsletters appearing regularly:




CESBA MED, Partner meeting in Barcelona

Group picture.png


The CESBA MED PP meeting took place in Barcelona, Palau Macaya from 13th-14th of June 2018.

CESBA MED, CESBA NEIGHBORHOOD AWARD 2019 presented in Barcelona

Barcelona, Launch Award (1)bearb.jpg

The CESBA Neighborhood Award 2018 was presented on June 12th in Barcelona during the conference Policies, methods and tools for sustainable urban areas and was hosted by the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia, CESBA MED partner in charge of the capitalization of the project.

The Cesba Neighbourhood Award 2018 is part of the CESBA MED project for Sustainable Cities Capitalisation WP. The main aim of this project is to produce the first transnational multi-criteria assessment system for rating the sustainability of neighbourhoods. The project is co-financed by ERDF Funds through the Interreg Med Programme.

Around 80 people attended the event, approximately 20% of which were representatives of Catalan local administrations. Among the attendees there were also technicians, politicians, academics, consultants and representatives of the business sector and of professional associations.

The Award is open to different urban areas all over Europe. The application period will soon be opened and the Award ceremony will take place in May 2019 in Scilla, Italy.

More info`s and download of information package on: CESBA MED webpage and CESBA weppage


Announcement June 12th, 2018 in Barcelona, Submission by October 31th, 2018 to


The Award will deliver an overview on exemplary neighborhoods in Europe, improve the quality of life for inhabitants, minimise negative impacts on climate and resources as well as capitalize key performance indicators on the CESBA SN-Tool (Sustainable Neighborhood Tool).

CESBA-MED intends to develop an innovative decision making model and a transnational common set of assessment tools to support the definition and implementation of actions targeted to optimise sustainability planning measures combining the building and urban scale.

The aim of this award is to disseminate and capitalise the tools and methodologies developed by CESBA-MED partners for rating the sustainability of MED urban areas.

With the Hellenic Ministry of Environment and Energy, the European Energy Award, FEDARENE, iiSBE and SBE 20 CESBA gained its first partners for the Award, more partners are very welcome.

The official launch will be in Barcelona, June 12th, opened by UNEP and Covenant of Mayors.

This event is organised in the framework of the CESBA-MED project. Financed by the ERDF Interterritorial cooperation funds of the European Union through the Interreg Mediterranean Programme.

The interest of this event focuses on tools for a better planning of sustainability in your municipality.

In case you are interested to attend the official launch event in Barcelona, you can register here.

More info`s and download of information package on: CESBA MED webpage and CESBA weppage

5th CESBA Sprint-Workshop in Gozo/Malta


3days of exchange in the Mediterranean

Marsalforn at Night schmal.jpg

Staying away from the office for 3 days in a creative atmosphere offers the possibility to focus on certain topics and establishing a strong relationship with other experts.

3 days of exchange in the Mediterranean for people who:

- want to broaden their horizons and be at the pulse of time.

- like to interact and network, be creative and want to share ideas and develop common projects with colleagues from ohter nations.

- want to design the future in the built environment sector locally, regionally or transnationally.

More info`s on the 5th CESBA Sprint Workshop in Gozo/Malta you can find on our CESBA MED webpage!


Newsletter Anmeldung.jpg

CESBA MED - Partner Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Énergie Environnement at the forum "Bien Vivre" in Grenoble

Bien vivre.jpg



The forum took place in the University of Grenoble:

Morning – Word Café (11h-12h30) Afternoon – Workshop on indicators entitled “from indicators to actions” (14h-15h30)

The Word café is an exhibition where all participants have a stand with a poster presenting their experiment. We chose to make a poster which confronts the methodological approach of 2 European projects related to sustainability indicators: CESBA MED (at building and neighbourhood scale) and CESBA Alps (at regional scale). Around 30 people attended the workshop. The workshop was co-presented by Yann Mongaburu, Vice-president of the transport division at La Metro de Grenoble, and Muriel Pezet-Kuhn, working at the Department of City Planning also at La Metro de Grenoble.


IMG-20180605-WA0012 1528351064583bearb.jpg

CESBA Alps participated at the EUSEW in Brussels, June 5th - 7th, 2018 – the biggest event dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. Project results were shared in the panel discussion “Breaking down the barriers between local action and European policies” on the 6th of June and in the network village "CESBA Alps innovative approach and assessment of the sustainability of territories" during all three days of the event. More infos on:

Piedmont Region jointly with the regional authorities Lombardy Region and Region of Veneto hosted the Event "CESBA Alps, sustainable territorial development and low carbon policies in alpine territories: local experiences to be shared". The meeting aimed to share project's experience and results already reached. In this event partners from the CESBA Association, iiSBEE Italia, EnvirobatBDM, AURA-EE and the Regional Governments of Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto discussed with participants the CESBA harmonized assessment systems for sustainable territories (CESBA STT), bringing examples on its use for supporting local administrations.


IMG-20180605-WA0014 1528351064327bearb.jpg

CESBA Association invited to the 12th ordinary general assembly, on June 5th, 2018 at 18.30 in FEDARENE, Rue de Stassart 131 in Brussels within the EUSEW.


Circular Change 3.jpg

Greencycle participated at the Circular Change conference in Maribor on May 11th, 2018. More than 250 participants listened to 65 experts presenting best practices of circular economy.

Greencycle activities related to CE implementation strategies and marketplace platform got the most attention from participants, who were invited to join the platform and forthcoming manifesto. Discussions about the role of cities for CE and planned actions in Maribor, such as setting up a “Circular Hub” in 2018 as part of the global Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE) could contribute to creating better policy frameworks.



Crafting the future Mediterranean
IMG 0185bearb.jpg

MED projects illustrated how they contribute to the three major challenges: partners, public authorities and experts and engaged in lively debates in order to see how they could have a positive impact on them. Throughout the day, participants had the opportunity to discover an exhibition or Lab Area: Tasting and testing MED, where the display of our projects results will take a concrete, visual form.

CESBA MED presented among many others its project at the midterm event in Rome “Crafting the future Mediterranean”. Climate change, blue economy and inclusive growth was on the spotlight of this conference. The focus at the CESBA MED stand was on the 5th CESBA Sprint Workshop as well as on the Neighborhood Award 2018. The Rome event enabled the exchange with other project partners from the MED horizontal projects.

CESBA MED, LEVEL(s)- A common language for sustainable buildings

April 2018
Levels banner.jpg

Level(s) is a voluntary reporting framework to improve the sustainability of buildings.

Using existing standards, Level(s) provides a common EU approach to the assessment of environmental performance in the built environment.

Opportunities for Level(s)? Testimonials from our stakeholders

From the beginning CESBA MED SN-Tool was developed with the Level(s) initiative with the DG Environment and DG Growth. In April the guideline for the test of Level(s) has been published by DG Environment. Level(s), Europe’s common framework for sustainable buildings, has now published a registration site for testers of Level(s). This site can be accessed via the Level(s) webpage.

CESBA ALPS, Project Meeting and Steering Committee Meeting in Marseille

IMG 9394bearb.jpg

During the last partner meeting in Marseille in March 2018 partners trained on the CESBA Tool-Software.

The assessing of nine regions has been started. First results are expected by the end of this summer.


Foto UDINE WP3 meeting.png

The WP 3 Meeting in Udine-Casa della Contadinanza was organized by Comune di Udine/ Municipality of Udine


17 Gruppe mit Westen 3.jpg

The 3rd Greencycle Partner Meeting was organised by City of Freiburg who is a prime example for circular economy.

City of Freiburg presented its climate protection strategy and how they became a so called “Environmental Capital”.

Since 1986 City of Freiburg won a lot of awards with its green politics.

Concrete outcomes are a low amount of plastic waste, a high percentage of cyclists and pedestrians and a recycling rate of 70% of the whole waste of the city.



The purpose of the workshop was to present some recent initiatives in assessment of neighborhood performance and to share ideas on future directions.

The workshop took place at UN Environment Economy Division, 1 rue Miollis, Building VII, 75015 Paris.

The workshop was organized by iISBE International and hosted by UN Environment.

Interviews about CESBA

During the 4th CESBA Sprintworkshop in Bezau, 18th - 20th September 2017 some of the participants were interviewed about the following questions:

What is CESBA for you?

What is the role of CESBA?

Where do you see CESBA in five years?


Impressions from the 4th CESBA Sprintworkshop in Bezau/ Vorarlberg/ Austria, 18th - 20th September 2017


IMG 9165web.jpg

Better sustainability policies require cooperation across region


Interview Etienne Vienot, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energie Environnement

Interreg Alpine Space NEWSLETTER

SPRINT WORKSHOP in Bezau / Vorarlberg / AUSTRIA

IMG 8861bearb.jpg
IMG 8663bearb.jpg

90 experts from 13 nations developed joint solutions for a continuous inspection of buildings, neighbourhoods and spatial planning.

The 4th CESBA Sprint Workshop was organized by 9 European projects in collaboration with the Vorarlberg Institute of Architecture under patronage of the government of Vorarlberg.

By means of the so-called Sprint method six working groups dealt with respectively six issues for three days.

The most important results are:

  • A general framework for the assessment of spatial planning
  • Quality criteria for the building culture – from buildings via neighbourhoods to the regions
  • Developing principles for a European competition for good neighbourhood development
  • Preparation of an alpine-wide manifesto for circular economy
  • Suggestions for the further development of CESBA

The focus within all working groups was set on the users and inhabitants of the built environment as well as on a common understanding within Europe.

The enthusiastic exchange showed that there is a high interest in common values within the European culture.

Within the coming months, the individual organisations will continue to work on the knowledge gathered. The results will be summarised. This report also serves as a basis for the further dissemination of these outcomes in international conferences. Within the 5th CESBA Sprint Workshop in Malta Nov. 7th - 9th 2018 results will be evaluated and readjusted.

Main organizing project: CESBA Alps. Contributing projects: CESBA MED, GREENCYCLE, PEACE_Alps, THE4BEES, GRETA, IMEAS, CaSCo, New TREND.

SPRINT WORKSHOP in Bezau / Vorarlberg / AUSTRIA

Foto Sprint Workshop Bezau Ortsbild.jpg

6 teams, each focusing on the special topics, but linked to each other guide themselves through the CESBA Sprint Workshop 2017.

All teams have a moderator and a comoderator who are experts in their fields. A team of overall moderators ensure a fruitful working atmosphere and useful results.

See more detailed news about the upcoming Sprint Workshop from 18th-20th September 2017 here: Invitation and programme Sprint Workshop Bezau

This sprint workshop is a common effort of the following Interreg projects: CESBA Alps, CESBA MED, GREENCYCLE, THE 4 BEES, Greta, PEACE Alps, CaSCo and Horizont 2020 Project: The New TREND;

co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

Under the patronage of Deputy State Governor of Vorarlberg Mag. Karlheinz Rüdisser; State Councillor for energy & climate protection Ing. Erich Schwärzler, Member of provincial parliament Martina Rüscher MBA Msc


Sprint Workshop Bezau.jpg

CESBA invites to the 11th extraordinary general assembly taking place on 19th of September 2017 in Bezau, Hotel Post, Brugg 35, 6870 Bezau/AT within the CESBA Sprint Workshop.

You are invited to join the assembly.

For details please contact Ines Feurstein (

2nd CESBA MED Partner meeting in Zagreb, Croatia

IMG 20170711 200809.jpg

The meeting was organized by the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar.

Main discussions were held on: CESBA Sustainable Neighbourhood Award 2019; Transnational Indicators and Assessment Methods for Buildings and Urban Areas; CESBA MED Local Committees; preparation of testing tool; training material and courses; establishment of CESBA MED Cities Network.

1st GREENCYCLE Project Meeting Trento

IMG 8168 bearb..jpg

The meeting took place on June 27th – 28th 2017 in Trento and was organized by City of Trento and Informatica Trentina Spa.

The main topics of the meeting were new EU guidelines on circular economy, projects “Bio-Energy for Mobility in Trentinot” and “Recycling market and circular economy”, preparations for Sprint Workshop, toolbox, marketplace as well as action plan and progress of project in general.

CESBA Alps 3rd Project Meeting in Venice



On 27th - 30th of March the 3rd CESBA Alps Project Meeting and Steering Committee took place in Venice.

Its aim was a creative exchange among the project partners as well as the assessment of a guideline on how to go on with the project CESBA Alps and the CESBA approach. The CESBA Alps project observers were invited to participate at the meeting to strengthen their integration and to promote the dissemination of the project results. Further the key performance indicators for sustainable territories were defined.

GREENCYCLE has started


Introducing circular economy system to Alpine Space to achieve low-carbon targets

Kick off Foto Greencycle bearb..jpg

The Interreg Alpine Space project GREENCYCLE has started with a kick-off meeting in Maribor on 23rd-24th of January. 15 representatives from 9 project partners refined the project objectives and started the work on the project.

The project GREENCYCLE aims to introduce the system of circular economy as a holistic approach to support implementation of low-carbon strategies and provide additional 2 to 4 % greenhouse emission reduction to the five partner cities of Freiburg (Germany), Goetzis (Austria), Maribor (Slovenia), Pays Viennois (France) and Trento (Italy).

Circular economy deployment will save energy, reduce water consumption, recover critical raw materials, reduce transport, boost the eco-innovation, create green jobs and bring benefits to low income citizens.

Cities as biggest emissions producers and biggest energy and materials consumers will play the pioneering role by developing circular economy implementation strategies.

GREENCYCLE at a glance

  • Development of a circular economy system for partner cities building on available practices and existing low-carbon strategies. The project will provide implementation strategies and establish cross-sectoral cooperation and governance.
  • Preparation of a toolbox for the implementation of circular economy strategies in the Alpine Space area. The toolbox will be tested by the pilot cities.
  • Establishment of a transnational cooperation platform providing a marketplace for specific circular economy outputs, best practices examples, and solutions for local and regional governments of the Alpine Space to implement circular economy system.

CESBA MED has started


Kick off Foto CESBA MED bearb..jpg

The CESBA MED project has started with a kick-off meeting in Marseille on 16th-17th of January. 26 representatives from 12 project partners refined the project objectives and started the work on the project.

CESBA MED objectives

Energy efficiency improvement is a key strategy to reduce the environmental impact of public buildings. Energy efficient meas-ures and their implementation at neighbourhood scale (i.e. district heating, PV installations, etc) have clearly demonstrated that a building scale approach is not an optimal approach for reaching significant and cost-effective improvements. Groups of buildings offer remarkable opportunities for effective synergies. However, decision making processes and design interventions are more complex at neighbourhood scale. CESBA MED intends to find the most affordable and operational solutions for the develop-ment of energy efficiency plans at a large scale.

CESBA MED at a glance

Capitalize existing knowledge

  • Exploit results from 10 previous EU projects that support the development of energy efficiency plans for public buildings in the context of their surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • Identify the most affordable, operational and suitable assess-ment criteria and method for the MED region at building and neighbourhood scale.

CESBA MED Passport, network and city award

  • Develop a CESBA MED Passport for public buildings to support the comparison in absolute terms of the sustainability per-formance of neighbourhoods in the MED area.
  • Establish a CESBA MED city award.
  • Edit a brochure on best practices.

Transfer new knowledge

  • Engage CESBA Local Project Committees (CPCs) to facilitate knowledge transfer and dissemination of results to target groups.
  • A CESBA SN Toolkit for Sustainable Neighbourhoods to sup-port local dissemination activities.
  • Develop a CESBA SN Training System and specific training programs for different users, including an e-learning platform and tailored training materials.

CESBA Alps has started

Kiff off Foto CESBA Alps.JPG


The CESBA Alps project will be part of the transnational CESBA initiative, ensuring the durability and transferability of results across Alpine space regions. Currently available sustainability assessment tools cover buildings and small urban areas, with no support for the territorial scale, typical in the rural, low density Alpine regions.

The project aims to facilitate the development, exchange, and implementation of innovative policies and plans at territorial level based on common assessment tools. By developing a transnational assessment framework and a strategy for sustainable and low carbon territories, the project will improve the sustainability of the Alpine built environment. Through objective criteria and indicators, the tools will support in the sustainability assessment of a territory, the definition of objective performance targets, the decision making in planning processes at territorial level and the implementation and monitoring of effective low carbon policies, therefore fostering innovative practices at the territorial level among all stakeholders.

Main outputs include: a generic transnational assessment framework for assessment at territorial scale, a set of harmonized, regionally contextualized assessment tools for territories, a guideline for the implementation of assessment tools in policies and territorial plans, a toolbox for the adoption of strategies for sustainable and low carbon territories, the creation of Local CESBA Committees.

Financial Support for CESBA: € 127.551,00, ERDF Co-Financing rate: 85%

CESBA shows strong presence at EUSEW in Brussels



Andrea Moro and Etienne Vienot from the CESBA Association board and CESBA Managing Director Markus Berchtold-Domig participated in the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) in Brussels last week. There were three key events that provided a chance to draw international attention on CESBA and to network with relevant stakeholders.

Moro and Vienot attended a working group that was organized by DG Environment and DG Growth through the Joint Research Centre (JRC). CESBA has the task to support the work on the Efficient Buildings' study that will be a first step towards a common EU framework of indicators to assess the environmental performance of buildings. Further, the CESBA actors organized a quiz on sustainable building in the networking village of the Committee of Regions. The highlight was the CESBA workshop on the 18th of June with intense discussions about the CESBA vision and the need for harmonization.

The CESBA actors took home great experiences of their three days in Brussels and learnt that for a further advancement of CESBA, it is important to directly talk to possible partners and to share concrete ideas.

From the left to the right: Etienne Vienot (CESBA Advisory Board), Markus Berchtold-Domig (CESBA Managing Director), Andrea Moro (CESBA vice president)

European Commission invites CESBA for consultation on macro-objectives for buildings


In its "Communication on Resource Efficiency Opportunities in the Building Sector" (July 2014), the European Commission announced the goal to achieve an EU-wide framework of common indicators and calculation methodologies on the performance of buildings. Nearly one year later, the European Commission has now released its first consultation on Macro-Objectives for Buildings in the EU. CESBA has been requested to join this consultation. All members of CEESBA are invited to form a common position for this consultation and to help the messengers Andrea Moro and Etienne Vienot to prepare the draft working paper.

Interested? Than contact the CESBA office:!

CESBA Conference at European Sustainable Energy Week - be a part!

29/05/2015, Brussels, BELGIUM

Cesba at eusew.PNG

Each year in June, the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) showcases activities of innovative organizations that are dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. This initative of the European Commission has now invited CESBA to conduct a creative workshop at the 18th of June,2015, from 2:30 PM to 6:15 PM. Inspired by inputs of experts of CESBA as well as the Covenant of Mayors and CIPRA, the participants will work on solutions for a sustainable built environment assessment in Europe. Furthermore, CESBA will have a stand in the main hall. Preparations are underway for both the stand and the workshop.

Everybody interested is welcome to participate in the EUSEW CESBA conference!

Register here

Invitation and programme

Future perspectives for CESBA - results of 3rd CESBA Day in Salzburg

Rosa zukunft.jpg

21/04/2015, Salzburg, AUSTRIA
On the 21st of April, 2015, the 3rd CESBA Day took place in Salzburg, Austria. It was part of the joint final meeting of the projects AlpBC and CABEE. The project partners presented their success stories, and together with stakeholders from the Alpine Space Programme, they had an open discussion about the future of CESBA. All participants agreed that there are positive future persprectives for the young movement that is now an official association. The actors also had the chance to visit pilot projects on sustainable building in Salzburg, such as the BauAkademie and Ro Sa Zukunft (see picture).

AlpBC and CABEE posters 3rd CESBA Day

3rd CESBA Day in Salzburg


21/04/2015, Salzburg, AUSTRIA
The CESBA association invites all people who want to help establishing a sustainable built environment in Europe to the 3rd CESBA Day in Salzburg, Austria, on the 21st of April, 2014. Participants can expect the summary an reflection on the two Alpine projects about building in the Alps CABEE and AlpBC. Together, the participants will create a perspective for action in the CESBA network.The 3rd CESBA day will be a special chance to be part of a common process towards a sustainable built environment in Europe.
Download the invitation to the 3rd CESBA Day in Salzburg

CESBA expanding in Italy

14/02/2015, Turin/ITALY
The CESBA principles have been overtaken by the Italian standardization body (UNI). The new official standard for building assessment in Italy UNI/PdR 13:2005 Environmental sustainability of construction works - Operational tools for sustainability assessment. General framework and methodological principles was issued on Januray 30, including the CESBA principles as indicated in the CESBA guide. The UNI standard is based on Protocollo ITACA, the building assessment system developed by iiSBE Italia in collaboration with ITACA (Federal Association of the Italian Regions). With the help of iiSBE, CESBA has already been carried out to National Research Council (CNR), City of Torino, Politecnico of Torino, ITACA (Federal Association of Italian Regions), Regione Lombardia, Italian National Institute of Architects and many other organizations. The fact, that Italy is now integrating the principles of a sustainable, mass-oriented, contextualized and comparable, bottom-up generated and harmonized European building assessment is an important step towards the establishment of CESBA in Europe.

European actors celebrated the closure of ViSiBLE and CEC5

Final conference bild web.jpg

17-18/11/2014, Vorarlberg, AUSTRIA
The projects ViSiBLE and CEC5 greatly contributed to the advancement of CESBA. Both projects are closing 2014 and lead partner Regional Development Vorarlberg took the opportunity to celebrate the final event of these projects in the LifeCycle Tower ONE in Dornbirn. Project partners from ten European countries as well as key actors from the Austrian state of Vorarlberg participated in the two-days-meeting. They discussed project results and, in the mean time, strengthened the CESBA network and explored possibilities for future cooperation. The meeting also included an excursion to the Illwerke Zentrum Montafon, one of the largest timber-built office buildings in Europe. The final event once again demonstrated that the CESBA actors pursue the CESBA philosophy with great passion. They are eager to win new parners and to make the idea of a harmonized building assessment in Europe reality one day.

See presentation on ViSiBLE project results

Watch CEC5 result Presentation

CESBA at World Sustainable Building Conference in Barcelona


The World Sustainable Building Conference is the largest global gathering of experts in sustainable building with over 2000 participants. This year, the conference took place in Barcelona from the 28th to 30th of October 2014. It was the perfect opportunity for ViSiBLE to disseminate the project results to a targeted global audience.

Project ViSiBLE organised a session dedicated to the question: How to harmonize building assessment at European level? The session provided the opportunity to present the ViSiBLE project results like the CESBA Wiki and the CESBA policy paper and to exchange knowledge and experiences gathered in the Alpine Space with participants from all over the world. The content of the session organised by ViSiBLE will also be printed in the SB14 conference book which is a global reference document for the coming years. Read the CESBA conference paper for WSB 14 Barcelona

ViSiBLE lead partner gives presentation at the Alpine Space 2020 Conference


The conference took place on the 21-22nd of October in Salzburg. Here, the results achieved over the 2007-2013 programme as well as the cornerstones for the 2014-2020 programme were presented. About 500 people from the seven Alpine countries participated in the event.

Together with Anja Lehmann from AlpEnMat and Susanne Nilsson from Poly5, Robert Moosbrugger from Regional Development Vorarlberg as lead partner of ViSiBLE presented the achievements of ASP2007-2013 projects in the field of low-carbon Alpine Space. They entertained and informed the audience by a interactive presentation and a hiqh-quality moderation and in the end, they attracted much applause.

You can watch the presentation on low carbon Alpine space here.

CESBA policy paper presentation in Brussels was a full success

CESBA policy-paper presentation brussels 14.JPG

24/10/2014, Brussels, Belgium

On the 7th of October 2014, during the Open Days, CESBA actors presented the new CESBA initiative policy paper to a highly interested audience of about 50 people. The title of the conference was Common approaches of sustainable buildings in Europe in 2030. Mrs. Bresso and her colleague Mr. Viotti expressed their strong support of the policy paper by a reading message. Andrea Moro from iiSBE Italia presented the policy paper. The recommendations made by the ViSiBLE partners fit very well with the commission communication on Resource efficiency opportunities in the building sector that was presented by Josefina Lindblom, DG Environment. The CESBA initiative is perfectly in line with what it is expected from the EU commission about European indicators of environmental performance: easy to use, affordable, accessible for all members states. The CESBA conference included a lively podium discussion on methods that should be used to calculate indicators.

Read more on the conference: Press release on the CESBA conference in Brussels

Joint Final Event of the Projects ViSiBLE and CEC5

17-18/11/2014, Vorarlberg, AUSTRIA


The projects ViSiBLE and CEC5 invite for a joint final event. The final event will be the opportunity for presenting the CEC5 and ViSiBLE project results, to discuss topics of the future and to network and celebrate in a friendly atmosphere. An excursion programme is offered to visit the green office building and the power plant of the illwerke vkw, the main energy company of Vorarlberg.

CESBA Conference in Brussels

07.10.2014, Brussels

14-10-02-Wiki Brussels Conference.JPG

Common approaches of Sustainable buildings in Europe in 2030 - this is the title of a high-level conference dedicated to CESBA that will take place during the OPEN DAYS at the 7th of October, 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

High ranking personalities such as Dr. Christian Salletmaier, General Programme Manager of the Alpine Space programme, attended the meeting. The central part of the conference was a round table discussion. Participants of the discussion were Andrea Moro (CESBA actor), Harald Sonderegger (member of the provincial government of Vorarlberg), Josefina Lindblom (DG Environment) and Luc Minne (CONSTRUCTION21). Read more in the Press release on the CESBA conference in Brussels
You are welcomed to register now. Places are limited!


CESBA at World Sustainable Building Conference in Barcelona

30/10/2014, Barcelona, Spain


How to harmonize building assessment systems? - this is the central question of the CESBA conference at the World Sustainable Building Conference that will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from the 28th till the 30th of October, 2014. In this conference, one moderator and four speakers from four different European countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, and France) will discuss on the challenge of many building and neighbourhood assessment systems in Europe, the relevant success factors for a successful harmonization process, CESBA as the optimal tool for building assessment harmonization and the distinctive role harmonized assessment systems should play in steering European building and neighbourhood qualities. The World Sustainable Building Conference is the optimal chance for the CESBA actors to promote the initiative on an international expert level.

Mercedes Bresso presents CESBA Policy Paper in Brussels



At the 7th of October, CESBA actors get the unique chance to promote the young initiative on EU level. Mercedes Bresso, vice president of the Committee of Regions, will present the CESBA Policy Paper developed in the ViSiBLE project.

The CESBA seminar will take place in the week of the [The CESBA seminar will take place in the week of the Open days, the 12th European week of cities and regions]. During this event, regional and local stakeholders of the EU cohesion policy will demonstrate their best results. This is the perfect opportunity for the CESBA actors to hold a special session running parallel to the Open Days sessions in order to present CESBA as a bottom-up generated initiative towards a harmonisation of the sustainable building and neighbourhood assessment in Europe. Mercedes Bresso, former vice president of the Committee of Regions, has the gratifying task to present the CESBA policy paper. Further key speakers of the session are, among others, Harald Sonderegger, member of the provincial government of Vorarlberg, Austria, Arch. Andrea Moro, president of iiSBE Italia, and Véronique Pappe from CONSTRUCTION21. This high-level seminar will raise the awareness on CESBA among political stakeholders on EU level. Experts on sustainable building will be reached by the CESBA session How to harmonize building assessment at European level? during the World Sustainable Building Conference at the end of October, 2014.

European Commission released long-awaited communication on sustainable building


On the day of the 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop, the European Commission published the COM(2014) 445 final on the Resource Efficiency Opportunities in the building sector. The needs for action stated in the communication paper completely coincide with the CESBA goals and philosphy.

The communication starts out with the lack of comparability between building assessment systems and the resulting problems for actors within the sustainable building sector. The Commission emphasizes the demand for establishing a common flexible framework of core indicators that consider the whole building life cycle. European stakeholders are invited to support the development towards a common framework for the sustainability assessment of buildings.
Download of new sustainable buildings communication

2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop – European spirit towards a sustainable built environment


CESBA-WS2 DBkompNK.jpg

On the 1st of July 2014, 90 people from 11 different European countries came together in the Environment Park in Turin, Italy, in order to further develop CESBA. This 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop was a successful follow-up to the 1st CESBA SPRINT Workshop which was held in Austria in October 2013.

The participants could join one of three thematic groups. The first group focused on how to strengthen local SMEs in the building sector on a transnational level, whereas the second group looked at public administrations and how they could benefit from a European harmonization of building assessment systems. The third group brought together, actors from different EU projects who talked on EU project results and future challenges. The fourth thematic group developed a roadmap for assessment harmonization. Additionally, the participants could join the CESBA Wiki sessions.

The main outcomes of the 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop are summarized in the Final agreement.

CESBA at the ManagEnergy event in Brussels


On the 24th of June, the French ViSiBLE partner RAEE will promote the CESBA initiative at the ManagEnergy event in Brussels. The event is dedicated to Regional and Local Energy Agencies. It focuses on the activities that can be carried out to ensure the implementation of municipalities' Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs). With its mass-oriented bottom-up-approach, CESBA reasonably complements to this event. Rhǒne-Alpes Regional Energy and Environment Agency will present the young CESBA initiative.

CESBA Wiki-Workshop: Developing a strategy for the CESBA Wiki 2015+


CESBA Wiki Workshop fuer Wiki.JPG

The CESBA Wiki Workshop at the 20th of March in Dornbirn, Austria, stimulated a broad discussion on the further development of the CESBA Wiki. Wiki expert Dr. Richard Heigl from the hallo Welt! Medienwerkstatt GmbH together with nine CESBA actors from Germany, Switzerland and Austria discussed on a success strategy for the CESBA Wiki of the future.

The key issues discussed were:

  • What is the added value of the CESBA Wiki?
  • How can we address the challenges that go along with the CESBA Wiki?
  • Connection points - the ecosystem of the CESBA Wiki
  • The establishment of a vivid CESBA Wiki community

The CESBA Wiki Masterplan is currently elaborated and will be available on the CESBA Wiki by the beginning of April, 2014.

CESBA Wiki Workshop at the 20th of March - developing a strategy for the CESBA Wiki


At the 20th of March 2014 there will be a CESBA Wiki workshop with Wiki expert Dr. Richard Heigl from the hallo Welt! Medienwerkstatt GmbH. This workshop will be held in the LifeCycle Tower ONE in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, from 10:00 to 18:30. The aim of the workshop is to collaboratively develop a long-term, sustainable strategy for the CESBA Wiki.

CESBA Wiki who are interested in participation can contact the Regional Development Vorarlberg. The outcomes of the Workshop will be available on CESBA Wiki.

Agenda of the CESBA-Wiki-Workshop (German)

ViSiBLE Newsletter No. 1 - news on the ViSiBLE project


The first ViSiBLE newsletter has been launched in February 2014. You can download it here: Download of ViSiBLE Newsletter No. 1

PSG meeting in Lyon: actors of ViSiBLE and CABEE develop CESBA initiative further


CABEE and ViSiBLE partners in front of the textile museum, Lyon, France

In Isle d'Abeau in Lyon, France, actors of the projects of ViSiBLE and CABEE met in order to exchange their ideas and to further develop the CESBA Wiki. The meeting took place from the 27th to the 29th of January. On Monday, ViSiBLE partners met in order to discuss the progress, the next steps and activities of the ViSiBLE project. A ViSiBLE report on the common objectives and challenges of EU-funded projects on the topic of sustainable building is in progress, as well as an analysis on the institutional framework of sustainable public building assessment in Europe. ViSiBLE will further contribute in developing the CESBA-Wiki by feeding the Wiki with inputs. All outputs of the ViSiBLE project will be made available on CESBA Wiki. Among others, an individual, customized toolkit for public stakeholders who want to conduct a sustainable building project will be available on the CESBA Wiki. ViSiBLE will also be part of transnational events in the year 2014, such as the World Sustainable Building Conference in Barcelona (October 2014) and the Open days of the 12th European Week of Regions and Cities, also in October 2014.

The most important upcoming event is the 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop which will take place in July 2014 (date not confirmed yet). The CESBA initiative will be presented to transnational partners of other EU-funded and topic-related projects and all actors will contribute to develop the initiative further.

On the 28th and the 29th of January, the CABEE PSG meeting took place. CABEE members also discussed their progress. Using the moderation form world café, the participants from six Alpine countries were introduced to become CESBA Wiki editors, elaborated the 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop, learned about the ViSiBLE project, and worked on the results of the CESBA SPRINT Workshop. The final CESBA guide will be available on the Wiki soon. The CABEE member also discussed their work packages and main activities. By external guests, the ASTUS Construction project and the BIM event ASTUS were presented. The participants showed great interest. At the 28th of January, the CABEE meeting was held at Grands Ateliers were art, architecture, engineering, builders, students etc. meet to generate innovative forms of sustainable building. The meeting ended with a French Lunch at Les Grands Ateliers.

Project Partner Meetings in January: Next steps towards CESBA Wiki


The year 2014 starts with three meetings of projects that are closely linked to CESBA. From the 22nd to the 24th of January, a CEC5 meeting will take placein in Portoroz, Slovenia. One week later, the 2nd ViSiBLE project partner meetingn takes place in äVillefontaine near Lyon, France, and the next to days (28th and 29th of January) are reserved for the second project partner meeting of CABEE at the same place. At all three meetings, the CESBA idea and the CESBA wiki will be presented. The aim is to find CESBA wiki editors that help to develop the Wiki further to a transnational open-source online knowledge hub on the evaluation of sustainable public buildings. The results of the three meetings will be presented here.

CESBA booklet draft version sent out to CESBA SPRINT-Workshop participants


The draft version of the CESBA booklet has been sent out to the CESBA SPRINT-Workshop participants for consultation now. A large number of editors has worked on this booklet and integrated the inputs from the different actors of the 1st CESBA Sprint workshop. The booklet includes the final agreement, the CESBA aims and principles, the indicators on building and neighbourhood scale and the CESBA tools and services. The booklet is a joint output of the projects CABEE and CEC5. The end version of the CESBA booklet will be adopted at the steering group meeting of the EU projects CEC5, CABEE and ViSiBLE in January 2014.

1st CESBA Sprint-Workshop - Over 100 people were part


Creative discussions on sustainable building in a inspiring Alpine scenery

CESBA Sprint Workshop Participants

Over 100 people from 11 European nations played an important part in the CESBA Sprint Workshop at the remote Almhotel Hochhäderich, Vorarlberg AUSTRIA from the 21st to the 23rd October 2013. Within 6 thematic sessions on different topics regarding sustainable building, the workshop participants conduced to the success of the workshop.

The CESBA Sprint workshop was organized within the frame of the CABEE project with a high contribution of the CEC5 project under the leadership of Regionalentwicklung Vorarlberg and the NENA-Network. During the workshop, also the CEC5 expert training on the Vorarlberger KGA building certificate took place.

The remote Almhotel Hochhäderich proved to be the perfect location for the CESBA workshop: The six intense sessions (S1: Training and Education, S2: Building and neighbourhood Assessment, S3: Certification Process, S4: Political Implementation, legal framework, S5: Usage and Monitoring, S6: CESBA process and activities) were not only held in the different rooms of the hotel, but also in the sauna. The sunny weather allowed for using the hotel terrace for the session discussions and even for an inspiring walk. The lovely scenery contributed to the constructiveness of the discussions. All participants added to the workshop results on the CESBA initiative.

The 6 plenary presentations were moderated professionally by Markus Berchtold from the NENA network and Karin Klapproth who stimulated the atmosphere with allegories about oranges and Rhaeto-Romanic poems. The outcomes of the workshop are an important step towards new and harmonized building and neighbourhood standards in Europe. At the last plenary session, a great majority voted for the final agreement on CESBA as a collective initiative for a new culture of the built environment.