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Annual Workshops

Annual workshops can be organized during the annual assembly. These annual workshops offer the chance to share results of working groups, to raise questions, to propose new topics.

Regional Workshops

Every region engaged in the CESBA initiative can organize some regional workshops on its own initiative to promote and explain the CESBA initiative. The CESBA poster and the CESBA leaflet can be displayed during these meetings.

Organizers of such meetings will need to send few lines about the meeting in order to feed CESBA website, and show the interest at regional level of this initiative. This is very important because it will give many regional/local references, and will strengthen the case for CESBA when discussing with EU institution and networks.


CESBA SPRINT Workshops support the further development of the CESBA initiative. They make use of the SPRINT method that helps to produce valuable results in a very short period of time and simultaneously build up a strong network between the actors. The 1st CESBA SPRINT Workshop was held in Vorarlberg, Austria in October 2013; the 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop will be held in Turin, Italy, in July 2014. Everybody is welcome to join the CESBA SPRINT Workshop; the venue is for free, only accomodation and food have to be paid.


CESBA guide (2014)