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The CESBA Wiki is the central platform on building assessment systems to promote the sustainability of the built environment in Europe. It is a storage place for the outputs of topic-related EU projects. It serves as a trans-European platform for networking and finding people and organizations for project partnership. For those looking for tools, information and training material in order to implement sustainable building and neighbourhood assessment, the CESBA Wiki acts as the main reference point.

CESBA Wiki - more than a homepage!

Why does CESBA use a Wiki and not a normal homepage? Because a Wiki optimally fits the CESBA approach: It is open-source and mass-oriented. Everybody can use and edit the CESBA Wiki. By the collaborative work on CESBA Wiki articles, they are steadily further developed and improved. Further, like in a database, the CESBA Wiki makes it possible to find assessment systems, project outputs and possible project partners by searching using different criteria starting points.

Thus, the CESBA Wiki enables a unique combination of communication and interaction on sustainable built environment assessment in Europe.

What you can find on the CESBA Wiki

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Everybody interested can use and edit the CESBA Wiki.

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