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Official name of institution and involved department

Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK

Centre for the Indoor Environment, Building Physics and Energy

Type of organization

GI ZRMK is a daughter company of ZRMK Holding and it represents the R&D core of the ZRMK system. Centre for Indoor Environment, Building Physics and Energy is focused on sustainable building and on development of methods for assessemnt building sustainability in support to green public procurement. GI ZRMK supports the national implementation of EPBD directive (calculation methodology, minimum requirements and energy perfromance certification, nerly-zero-energy-building), participates in the national energy plans, residential plan, drafting technical regulation, determination of technical, economically viable and socially acceptable energy saving potential in existing buildings (in support to subsidies). GI ZRMK manages national Energy advisory network, awards quality labels in builings and civ.eng., and runs a pilot energy labelling scheme. At a municipal level GI ZRMK implements energy audits, prepares SEAPs and promotes Covenant of Mayors initiative, green vechicles and EE lighting. The topic of RTD interest are EE technologies and RES implemenation in building sector, monitoring microclimatatic parameters, EE and preventive conservation in building heritage, simulation of thermal response of buildings and components,daylighting, insolation and shading studies.

Location of organization

Country: Slovenia


Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK

Dimičeva 12

SI-1000 Ljubljana


Tel.: +386 1 2808 181

Fax: +386 1 2808 191



Experiences in EU projects

Experience status

Experience status: Project partner collaboration experience

Topics of interest and experience

  • Sustainable building and neighbourhoods
  • Low-carbon applications and technologies

Projects already involved in

  • IEE RePublic_ZEB
  • IEE BuildUp Skills
  • CE CombinES
  • IEE Matrid
  • IEE NZB2021
  • FP7 Climate for Culture
  • FP7 Highrise

Homepage of organization

Homepage of organization