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This document is an output of the OpenHouse project.


This document describes the OpenHouse baseline model and assessment process that is based on previously definced OpenHouse indicators and OpenHouse performance levels. There are two systems to assess building using the Open House methodology, a short and a long one. The document describes in detail the assessment process. The document also describes the processes of weighting, scoring, and how to compare the results. All in all a very important deliverable for CESBA!


Target group/users

The target group of the presented results are the members of the OPEN HOUSE consortium and external contractors, who will perform case studies all over Europe with the OPEN HOUSE methodology, as well as interested parties and stakeholders of the building sector.

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: OpenHouse

Funding programme: Seventh Framework Programme

Publication date

31st of January, 2011

Regions of implementation:

No statement is possible were the project output was already implemented, but it is supposed to be implemented all over Europe.




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Baseline model and assessment methodology OpenHouse