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CESBA - Common European Sustainable Built Environment Assessment - is a transnational bottom initiative towards promoting a harmonization of sustainable built environment assessments throughout Europe. The inducement of CESBA is the perception of the variety of sustainable built environment certification systems in European regions and the need to find a common framework. CESBA is supported by the CESBA Association.

The development and implementation of new standards require synergic actions and initiatives. There are more than 80 building assessment tools in Europe that have variable elements – ranging from structure, assessment methodology, identified impacts - and use different scoring methodologies. As Europe is a mélange of regional building cultures, European buildings standards must consider regional needs and circumstances. The lack of uniformity makes the comparison of results difficult: Harmonization is a necessary step.

Furthermore, the current building assessment tools are not user-friendly enough, and do not cover all phases in the to be used at the beginning of the process for the design of buildings.

The integration and participation of the civil society is essential, using the bottom-up approach to generate a common and mass-oriented, open-source, building assessment guideline. The system of analysis that describes the sustainable quality of a building must be transparent and clearly understandable to the general public.

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