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This article deals with the Action Plan for public Investment which is an output of the SEAP Alps project.

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According to EU policy targets, municipal buildings and public buildings shall renovated with an improved energy performance from 2014 on. The buildings with the poorest energy performance of the municipality have a priority for energy efficiency measures. Municipalities need to adopt an energy efficiency plan, they have to put in place an energy management system, and they should apply energy service companies to finance renovations in order to maintain or improve energy efficiency on the long run. The methodology for the Action Plans for Public Investment developed in SEAP_Alps project provides an approach to be followed at local level. The respective document includes the decision-making process that starts with discovering the consumption data of the public buildings of a municipality, then the buildings are classified according to the energy performance index, and for buildings with great energy consumption, intervention(s) of improving energy performance are identified. These interventions are subdivided by annularity and according to the financial situation of the community and priorities of the identified interventions.

Target group/users

Political decision and technicians in local authorities.

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of Project: SEAP Alps

Funding Programme: Alpine Space Programme.

Publication date


Regions of implementation:

Rhône-Alpes (FR), Piemonte (IT), Schwaben (GER), Veneto (IT), Steiermark (AT), Kärnten (AT), Oberbayern (GER), Slovenja




Mr. Silvio De Nigris

Province of Turin, Italy,

Phone +39 011 8616883,


Download and references

Action Plan for Public Investment methodology SEAP Alps